Best Fairway Woods for High Handicap Golfers

Does your heart sink when you play off the tee? If your driver is costing you multiple shots, it could be time to ditch the driver and try Fairway Woods. But for high handicap golfers, knowing the best fairway woods to support your game is important. 

There are over 24.8 million golfers in the U.S., and this number increases each year. When starting to play golf, it is essential to learn how to choose a golf club for your handicap. But where should you begin?

Fairway woods clubs are great additions to your golf bag, but they can be challenging clubs to hit with. So, for high-handicap golfers, knowing the best fairway woods for high handicap golfers is essential, so you can make an informed decision and swing easily.

What Are Fairway Woods?

Fairway woods clubs are designed for use off the tee, on the rough, or in the fairway. They are found in the woods category with drivers, although there are some differences between them. 

For example, they have a flatter clubface with a lower sweet spot, a shorter head, and a shorter shaft. They also have higher lofts than drivers, and some models feature adjustability. 

Most fairway woods on the market have a steel head; however, titanium and, more recently, carbon have been used in models to help reduce weight and improve performance. There are a variety of different brands available. 

The Best Fairway Woods for a High Handicap 

When choosing the best fairway woods for high-handicap golfers, it is important to consider several factors. These include how much you want to spend and whether you want adjustable features.

It is also essential to consider your intention to purchase a fairway woods club. For example, do you want to improve your accuracy or improve your launch? We have curated this list of the best fairway woods for high-handicap golfers to help make your decision easier. 

1. Taylormade Stealth Fairway 

Best Overall Performance 

There are many reasons why the Taylormade Stealth Fairway is the best for overall performance. It has lofts in 15°, 16.5°, 18°, 21°, and 24°. This makes it easy to find a suitable loft to get in the air off the deck and tee. 

There are a variety of options available with the 190cc Stealth Head. It has options from 3-wood to 9-wood, and its head is coated in 3D carbon, which gives it a slick design. It uses a Fujikura Ventus shaft and is a non-adjustable fairway wood.

The clubface also has an advanced laser alignment aid, which helps you easily line the club up and get your winning shot. It is also a forgiving option if you hit off-center, with the chance to control the shot and still deliver a substantial distance. This is because it uses Twist Face technology, which reduces the dispersion from left to right and manages to keep the ball straighter. 

Positives of the Taylormade Stealth Fairway

The positives of the Taylormade Stealth Pathway include the following:

  • High-launching and dependable control
  • Great use of technology 
  • An attractive fairway woods club
  • Forgiving for off-center hits 

The Taylormade Stealth Fairway is one of the best options for high-handicap golfers. However, you might want to avoid it if you want an adjustable option or to customize the shaft. If you’re going to focus on shaping the ball flight, you might want to pick another option.

2. Callaway Big Bertha B21

Best Fairway Woods Club to Launch 

If you are looking for a fairway wood that is easy to launch, the Callaway Big Bertha B21 could be for you. It has a shallow face, making it feel less intimidating to get under the golf ball. These fairway woods work well in all lies, including fairway and dry lies. 

It also contains technology such as Jailbreak tech, also known as artificial intelligence, which helps improve your distance and lowers the spin rates. It includes technology such as A.I. Flash Face Cup for spin consistency and enhancing ball speeds. 

It also aims to help golfers hit straight shots with ease. The Tungsten Energy Core positions the center of gravity in the club head, which helps improve launch speeds without reducing the ball’s velocity. The wider soles and offset of the irons help improve your interaction with the golf turf and hit a straighter ball flight. 

There are custom shafts, grips, lie angles, and lofts available. You can get configurations from 4-iron up. There are also the Big Bertha REVA irons, designed for women with the same technology. 

Positives of the Callaway Big Bertha 21 

The positives of the Callaway Big Bertha 21 include the following:

  • Customizable options 
  • Advanced technology 
  • Playability and forgiveness
  • Attractive look 

There are not many reasons to avoid this club unless you do not like the design or feel confident with your launch. It is a great option to hit from all lies and gain confidence in your game.

3. Ping G425 SFT Fairway Wood

Best Fairway Woods for Accuracy 

The Ping G425 is an excellent choice for high-handicap players. It has lofts at 16°, 19°, and 22°. However, it is also adjustable, so you can find the best position for your needs. 

The design is excellent for accuracy due to the alignment system to frame the golf ball and how the weight is positioned. The heel has slightly more weight for draw shape, and the one-piece face helps enhance your ball speeds. 

It also uses technology such as Facewrap for increased flex, better forgiveness, and longer distances. The Spinsistency technology also helps you become more consistent with your spin performance. It uses graphite technology for the shaft, which means it is still lightweight for an easy swing. 

Positives of the Ping G425 SFT Fairway Wood

The positives of the Ping G425 SFT Fairway Wood include the following:

  • Increased accuracy 
  • Adjustable options 
  • Faster ball speeds 
  • Added forgiveness with tungsten sole weight

If you’re looking at getting a 3-wood fairway wood, then the Ping G425 could be for you. There is great technology to help improve your accuracy and get your golf ball back on track. It is also a good option for distance and is forgiving.

4.  Cleveland Launcher XL Halo

Best for Slicers

If you are starting out or often slice the ball, then the Cleveland Launcher XL Halo could be for you. It is one of the easiest fairway woods to hit with, and there are various options available, including the 3-wood with 15 degrees, which is perfect for high-handicap players.

Instead of focusing on the face, this club focuses on flexible areas on the sole and crown, which helps maintain control at impact with your golf ball. It also glides well over turf, which helps save shots and keep your ball playable. The offset hosel helps fight the slice, and the rails on the sole help keep the launch high. 

It also is an attractive club, which is lightweight for added ease. It does not have an adjustable hosel, but you get an easier launch due to its lightweight nature.

Positives of the Cleveland Launch XL Halo

The positives of the Cleveland Launch XL Halo include the following:

  • An attractive and lightweight design
  • Prevents slicing 
  • High-launching and crisp sound at contact
  • Good swing speed

Some people value the sound of the fairway woods at contact. If this is you, then the Cleveland Launcher XL Halo will be a satisfying choice.

Its lightweight design appeals to high-handicap players who want to work on swing speed and reduce slicing. However, the matte finish can make scratches more pronounced on this design. 

5. Cobra LTDx Max Black 

Best for a Faster Swing 

One of the challenges of lies, such as the fairway, is having a fast swing to launch the ball. The Cobra LTDx Max Black is a good option to help with this due to the tungsten weights in the head and the lightweight shaft. It is made with black carbon fiber, which keeps to a traditional fairway woods design but also helps the swing.

The tungsten weights also help eliminate slices, which means you can practice aiming your shots with better accuracy and an improved success rate. It also helps that this club has a broad club face with a generous surface area, which allows you to work on straighter shots. 

This club comes in various lofts, including 16°,  20°, and 23°. The 5-wood version is a great option to help with lift and swing. The head is adjustable, too, so you can find the best loft option. 

Positives of the Cobra LTDx Max Black

The positives of the Cobra LTDx Max Black include the following:

  • Reduced spin 
  • Lightweight design
  • More swing speed and distances
  • Adjustable head 

The Cobra LTDx Max Black is a perfect choice if you are a slow swinger, but if you are a fast swinger, you should pick a different fairway woods club. It aids your game in different ways, including speeding up your swing. Check the wood size to find the most appropriate option for your approach. 

6. Tour Edge Hot Launch E522

Best to Reduce Errors  

If you have a high handicap and are new to golf, try one of Tour Edge’s 522 range. Two models can help high-handicap golfers, including the C522 and E522. The E522 offers more support, but all their fairway woods clubs are of good quality. 

The E522 club helps reduce errors in different ways. For example, the low center of gravity can prevent slicing and help launch your golf ball quickly. There is also less friction risk due to the curved edge of the sole and the shallow Cup Face design.

It also helps maintain control, so the consequences will not be so severe even if you make a bad shot. They are available in different degrees with slightly higher lofts and shorter shafts than other fairway woods clubs. 

Positives of the Tour Edge Hot Launch E522

The positives of the Tour Edge Hot Launch E522 include the following:

  • Designed to address many fairway wood challenges
  • High-quality finish 
  • Alignment aids 
  • Different loft and shaft sizes

Faster swingers should avoid this option; however, it is a perfect choice for beginners or those looking to address different playing errors. There is a high-gloss finish that can be prone to show more scratches; however, the high-quality finish and range of lofts make it one of the best fairway woods for high-handicap players.

7. Mizuno ST-Z Fairway Wood

Best for Adjustability

The Mizuno ST-Z fairway wood has a classic look with a carbon crown design. Their adjustability makes controlling ball flight and distance easier. There are only two lofts at 15° and 18°, but the adjustability options make it accessible for all high handicap players.

There is a lower center of gravity for a better spin, plus a Wave technology soleplate that allows for a higher launch. Despite its stability and power, it is also one of the most well-valued fairway woods for high-handicap players.

There are a variety of custom shafts to choose from, including Aldila, Mitsubishi, and True Temper. Or you can select a premium shaft option for an additional cost. 

Positives of the Mizuno ST-Z Fairway Wood

The positives of the Mizuno ST-Z Fairway Wood include the following:

  • The range of adjustability 
  • Various customizable shafts
  • Lightweight materials 
  • Higher launch and lower spin 

The main reason to avoid these fairway woods clubs is if you want more loft options. However, the adjustability means it is not a problem for most high-handicap players. It is a great value option if you want to customize your fairway wood, but ensure it is forgiving. 

The Best Fairway Woods

Here are some of the best fairway woods for high-handicap golfers. When you are learning how to choose a golf club, it is important not to shy away from options such as fairway woods. With some research, you can find an option that can enhance your game in many ways. 

When choosing fairway woods clubs, consider what type of golf course you use, how far you hit, and any other challenges you are experiencing, such as wanting to improve accuracy.

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