Best Golf Balls for High Handicap Golfers

As you tee up, you instantly feel a burst of energy and, surprisingly, peace. That’s the wonderfully peculiar nature of golf — and it’s something you’ll never tire of as a beginner in the sport.

You’re not the only one, either. Research shows that more than 37 million people played golf in 2021.

Your goal as a golfing novice — or, a high handicapper — isn’t just to play golf, though. It’s to become a golfing ace. And the right ball choice can help to make that happen.

The question is, what types of golf balls should you use? If you choose not to use used golf balls, then here’s a rundown of the best golf balls for high handicap golfers.

Let’s jump in!

e12 contact vs supersoft

Top Types of Golf Balls Include Bridgestone’s e12 Contact

This ball model replaced Bridgestone’s e12 Speed and e12 Soft balls in 2021 — and for good reason. The e12 Contact ball features a raised area, or contact dimple, that enables more contact with the ball when you hit it with your club.

The benefit? You’ll experience a better transfer of energy when you swing. This translates to improved ball accuracy, distance, and speed with each club.

Note that this type of ball is a three-piece one, the type preferred by seasoned players. Avid golfers love these balls due to their soft feel and greater spinning ability on the green. At the same time, these balls are designed to decrease those unwanted sidespins.

The e12 ball is available in three hues: red, yellow, and white. So far, this has been my favorite golf ball tested!

Callaway Supersoft

These golf balls are an excellent choice for high handicap golfers due to their unique features tailored to optimize gameplay. They’re known for their ultra-low compression core, designed to promote faster ball speed and increased accuracy, which can be a game-changer for golfers struggling with slower swings and accuracy issues.

They come with Callaway’s HEX Aerodynamics technology, reducing drag and enhancing lift for longer carry and longer distance. This is beneficial for high handicap golfers aiming to increase their distance off the tee or from the fairway. Moreover, the Supersoft balls feature a new softer Trionomer cover formulation, which enhances the feel of the ball and provides better control around the greens. This helps golfers with their short game, another common area of difficulty for high handicappers.

Additionally, the Supersoft balls are well-regarded for their forgiveness, meaning they still maintain a reasonable trajectory and distance even on off-center hits. This feature aids golfers in minimizing the penalty from mis-hits, hence lowering their scores.

Lastly, the affordability of Callaway Supersoft golf balls is also a big plus. This allows high handicap golfers to practice more and worry less about losing a few balls in the process, which is part and parcel of the journey to improvement in golf.

Buy Supersoft’s on Amazon.

Titleist TruFeel

This ball is a two-piece ball — one of the best golf balls for high handicappers and players who have slower swing speeds. This is due in part to its ultra-soft feel. And this is all thanks to new technologies used in the manufacturing of the ball, such as the TruTouch core and TruFlex cover. 

The ball’s softness makes it perfect for anyone seeking more spin control. However, the ball is also designed to provide distance.

If you have a tendency to produce too much of a spin, the Titleist TruFeel’s lower spinning quality may help you to gain distance. It might help with straightening out some shots, too.

However, this ball doesn’t just feel soft: It provides a soft sound as well. That means you don’t have to worry about it hurting your ears every time you strike it.

This ball additionally stands out for its superior durability and modest cost for a premier golf ball brand. It’s also a particularly great performer on a full golf iron shot.

Matte red, white, and optic yellow versions of this ball are available. Buy TruFeel’s on Amazon.

TaylorMade’s Soft Response

For another soft golf ball, look no further than TaylorMade’s Soft Response.

This ball both feels great and works well for any player with a slow or mid-level driver swing speed. That’s due to its low compression rating, which means it is easier to compress, or squeeze. This quality makes the ball more aerodynamic and faster moving.

If you’re a fast swinger, you may see your distance drop off when you use this TaylorMade ball. However, a slower swinger can benefit from its stellar performance in the short game while not experiencing a decrease in its distance.

Like Bridgestone’s e12 Contact, TaylorMade’s Soft Response is a three-piece ball. It’s available in red, yellow, and white colors.

Titleist Velocity

Are you on the search for a long ball? Look no further than the Titleist Velocity. This ball is perfect for the high handicapper in that it offers more distance — something that every high handicapper can benefit from.

The ball’s core stands out for being relatively firm, which helps to produce more speed during shots. In addition, the ball sports an octahedral pattern featuring hundreds of dimples. This allows for high flights coupled with more consistency.

Note that this ball likely won’t be the best option for you if you really value a soft ball feel. That’s because the ball features a firm feel instead. However, if you want a ball that will go the distance, this ball model should be high on your list.

This ball is also a decent value from a financial standpoint. It furthermore comes in multiple color options — pink, orange, green, and white — to suit golfers’ unique tastes.

Callaway’s Hex Soft

The best golf balls for high handicappers are those with multiple capabilities, and this ball is no exception.

The Hex Soft is well-rounded in its performance, as it is great for both short- and long-game golfing. The ball is also designed to be long-lasting. It’ll have no problem resisting cuts or general wear.

High handicappers also love the fact that these Callaway balls are priced competitively. Their soft feel further makes these two-piece balls valuable on the green.

This ball is available only in white.

Wilson Triad

Have you always wanted a Tour ball but didn’t want to pay for one? The Wilson Triad is the perfect alternative.

This three-piece ball is an excellent choice for any golfer seeking the control and feel that urethane models provide. It is especially embraced among high handicappers, as it produces good distance. The ball’s flight is consistent as well.

You’ll also love the spin and short-game control that this ball offers. The soft feel of the ball is yet another bonus for high handicappers who truly wish to improve their game.

Like the Hex Soft from Callaway, this ball brand is available in white only.

Callaway ERC Soft

When it comes to soft balls that are perfect for the long game, you can’t go wrong with this Callaway ball option.

This ball is filled with new features and technology that allow it to produce a high launch as well as extra distance. The ball also creates less spin on the green.

An added benefit of the ERC Soft is that it is made to transfer energy more efficiently when struck. This translates to an increased ball speed coupled with an improved wedge spin.

This ball isn’t just ideal for long golf games, though. Its performance in the high handicapper’s short golf game is stellar, too.

A core ERC Soft design feature you’ll also want to take advantage of is the ball’s unique Triple Track tool. This alignment feature will help you to line up your ball properly. It may also help you to improve your start line consistency on the green.

This three-piece ball is available in two colors: yellow and white.

Srixon Distance

This two-piece ball is yet another popular option for high handicappers in the market today due to its numerous exceptional design features.

For starters, the newest Srixon Distance model compression is softer than its predecessor. This helps with delivering distance through a higher launch and more velocity.

This ball also has fewer dimples than you may find on other balls. As a result, you can expect to attain more yardage with this ball even in windy weather. That’s because the ball will penetrate the air more easily.

As a high handicap player, you’ll further love the ball’s durable cover. The cover is engineered to offer improved cut-proof durability.

One drawback of the ball is that it doesn’t have a particularly soft feel. On the flip side, when you pick it up, you won’t feel like you’re picking up a rock. That’s a big deal considering that many balls designed specifically for distance have this problem.

As a general rule of thumb, this ball is perfect for swing speeds of 80 miles per hour or more. Just white Srixon Distance balls are available.

Srixon AD333

If you’re a Srixon ball fan, you may find that the Srixon AD333 is a perfect match for you as well.

This ball has been a wonderful option for high handicappers seeking excellent performance all around combined with affordability. Part of the reason for this ball’s popularity is its newer FastLayer Core feature.

The ball’s FastLayer Core technology maximizes speed. However, it also keeps spin low thanks to its soft center as well as its progressively firmer feel toward the ball’s edges. This low-spin feature makes the ball especially effective in wind.

Srixon’s SeRM material (Slide Ring) and unique technology called Spin Skin furthermore enhance the AD333 by increasing friction when the ball is hit. This can help to maximize your spin in the short golf game.

Thanks to its unique combination of value and performance, this ball is among the best ones for high handicappers. You can choose between the yellow and white versions of this two-piece ball.

Honma A1

If cost is one of the biggest factors for you, then the two-piece A1 ball may be your best option. Given its highly competitive pricing, the ball performs extremely well.

Do you have a problem with slices, where your ball curves drastically from the left to the right? This value golf ball from Honma, a Japanese brand, is known to decrease sidespin to counteract the negative impact of slicing off your tee. This makes it a helpful ball to have in tow if you struggle with finding distance.

Much like many of the other top golf balls for high handicappers, the A1 ball also features a soft feel.

This ball can be purchased in orange, yellow, or white. You can also choose a multicolor Honma A1 pack that includes pink as well.

Volvik Crystal

For a ball that travels far, choose the Volvik Crystal. This ball’s benefits go beyond being a distance ball, however. It’s also easier to spot when flying through the air and after it’s landed in grass.

The three-piece ball works particularly well for a golfer with a slower swing, as it will provide the extra oomph you need.

All in all, this is the ball to choose if you’re looking for a true flier. It will go a lot farther than others will. With that, this ball will also take a bit longer to stop — several yards — compared with other balls on the greens.

Volvik Vivid

Another excellent flier is the Volvik Vivid. It will take off like a rocket down any fairway. And it’s relatively easy to track when it’s in flight.

Note that this ball has a matte finish that you’ll have to get accustomed to. After a couple or three holes, you should become more comfortable with it.

The luminous green and orange versions of this ball are both easy-to-see options. The blue ball might be more challenging for you to see, but you can always try it out once to see if it works for you.

Kirkland Signature

If you’re searching for a premium ball, this white urethane three-piece ball for high handicappers ticks all the boxes (get them here).

kirkland signature golf balls

The ball is durable and also provides excellent performance. With its shallow dimples, you can expect it to fly long and sit down with ease on the green.

Use this ball to improve your spin if you currently hit a straight ball and are confident with getting your ball in the right direction.

Maxfli Straightfli

The Maxfli Straightfli golf ball might be one of my favorites on the list. Its innovative design helps reduce side spin (a common struggle of the unintentional slice or hook), improves distance, and seems to hold up well after smashing one directly into a tree (we’ve all been there).

maxfli straightfli golf balls

To top it off, this ball isn’t expensive when compared to other premium golf balls. Definitely give this one a try if you’re looking for something new at an affordable price point.

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