A Guide to the Best Golf Clubs for Tall Men

Golf is one of the most popular sports globally, with roughly one in seven Americans enjoying the sport. Knowing how to pick your golf clubs is critical as more people join the sport.

But how can you size your golf clubs correctly if your height isn’t average? It’s rare to find adjustable golf clubs, so what’s the best way to find golf clubs for tall men?

If you’re interested in exploring your golf club options, we’re here to help. Read on for a thorough guide on everything you need to size golf clubs for tall men.

How to Size Clubs For Men

To start, what do the measurements of a golf club mean? Many players are surprised to learn that golf clubs have more measurements than just height or length.

Here are two of the most important factors in sizing your golf clubs.


The first important note is the “wrist to floor” measurement.

The wrist-to-floor measurement is the distance from your wrist to the ground. While this sounds simple, measuring it is tough.

Measuring your wrist-to-floor length is difficult since your arms need to be straight. One way to do so is to have a measuring strip, wrap it around your wrist, and let it fall. Make sure you clearly mark where you’re measuring so your measurement isn’t inaccurate.

You also can estimate, though this isn’t recommended. Some will estimate based on height, but since people’s arms and bodies can vary, this won’t always be suitable. Two men of the same height may have different wrist-to-floor measurements.

For example, men between the heights of about 6′ and 6’3″ will have a variance of 36″-39.5″. While three inches doesn’t sound like much, it’s enough for your clubs to be the wrong size.

Height Versus Shaft

Along with your wrist-to-floor measurement is the shaft measurement of your club. The shaft is the part of the club that connects to the head of the golf club. In essence, the longer the shaft, the longer your club.

We’ll look into shaft length in-depth later, but how does it equate to your height?

Depending on your wrist-to-floor measurement, you may need to add extra shaft inches. The extra inches aren’t for the length of the club but for the angle of the club head. Adding these inches will help the angle of the club head match the necessary orientation for the club.

Factors in Sizing Clubs

With a better understanding of how height affects club design, let’s look into some factors in sizing clubs.

There’s more to look at than simply measuring how tall someone is and buying longer clubs. Here are some of the factors to keep in mind while shopping.

Shaft Length

The first and arguably most important factor is shaft length. To clarify, this doesn’t always refer to the club heading adjustments as noted above.

Instead, the shaft length will refer to the length of the club. The standard for most adult drivers is 45″. Irons and woods will instead measure in at 35″.

In many cases, players with above-average heights need to have their clubs lengthened. You can use your wrist-to-floor measurement to see if you fall within the standard range or if your height requires adjustments.

Set Composition

Another factor to consider is the composition of the set.

Most often when buying clubs, people will purchase full sets. Doing so gives you clubs that are built to play together with similar performance and construction. Sets are more convenient, often cheaper when all bought together, and give your golfing loadout a uniform appearance.

However, one flaw is that the clubs are rarely customized on a club-by-club basis. If you need a longer driver but you’re content with your woods and irons, you won’t be able to adjust the club.

Instead, some golfers will purchase a set club by club and adjust as they go. Unfortunately, this is far from perfect as well.

Doing so will give you clubs that are properly sized. However, it will also drastically increase the expenses of your clubs.


Finally, you’ll need to consider accessories when purchasing longer clubs.

Some players will choose to put their balls on a taller tee. If you’re a high-handicap golfer, doing so can help you get better contact. For players of above-average heights, taller tees also mean less bending.

You should also consider your golf bag. If your clubs are all longer, you may want a deeper bag so they can fit properly. If the bag is too shallow, they may clack against each other or fall out.

Benefits of Proper Club Size

Why should you bother having clubs of the right size?

Some amateur golfers will skip the club sizing step. Instead, they choose to deal with the mismatched clubs to save money. But doing so can have dramatic impacts on your play.

Here are some of the benefits of playing with golf clubs of the right size.

Better Swing

The first impact is a better swing.

If your club is too short, you may find yourself needing to adjust your swing to hit the ball properly. A tall player using a short club may find that they top the ball or slice it much more often. The primary reason is due to these swing adjustments.

Using a club of the right size will allow you to get better contact. You can keep your arms straighter rather than bend to accommodate a small club.

Give clubs of varying lengths a few practice swings and see what feels the most natural.

Healthier Play

A bad swing isn’t just a bad drive off the green. Using clubs that are too short can have serious impacts on your health.

If your club is too short, you may spend more time hunching over to get the proper swing. Your swing will also turn your spine more, and you’ll be tenser during your backswing and follow-through.

By the time you reach the back nine, you can expect your back to be screaming. If you continue such uncomfortable play, you may find that the issues don’t go away.

These issues aren’t only there for your drive. Even bending over your putter too much can lead to issues.

Tall putters are a common occurrence, though they have an iffy spot in legality for many tournaments. Consider switching to more ergonomic, lengthy clubs and see if that helps your health.

Exploring Golf Club Options

Now that we have a better understanding of how lengthy clubs suit taller men, we can look at a few options.

Here are three of the best options for taller golfers. Please note that this is by no means a comprehensive list, and there are countless clubs out there waiting for you to try them.

Wilson Profile SGI

Regardless of your height, the Wilson Men’s SGI set is one of the most popular available. However, their tall profile takes much of the guesswork out of measuring your clubs.

These clubs are suitable for players between the heights of 6’1″ to 6’5″. With right and left-hand variants for every club, these are ideal for players who need a great all-around set.

Improvements to the clubs give players a sand wedge that can scoop under the ball and launch it out of the bunker. The driver in particular is known for having excellent distance off the tee.

That said, one flaw is that this is a 10-club set. As such, there are four open club slots. While this is a con for some, it means that you’ll be able to customize those open slots.

Precise M5 Men’s Complete Package

If you don’t want those open slots, the Precise Golf set is a strong choice. The complete set comes with 18 pieces, including five woods and four hybrids.

Oversized grips give better comfort for larger hands. A quality hybrid bag is custom-made for the clubs, ensuring they’ll fit snugly.

However, these are not beginner clubs, better suited to mid-handicap golfers. If you’re a true beginner looking for clubs to start out with, it’s better to look for another choice.

Cobra Golf Air X

You may find that better choice in the Cobra Golf Air X. To start, these clubs are suited for players at or below 6’2″. If your height reaches above that, these clubs may prove too short.

Past that, beginners find these to be a graciously forgiving set of clubs. The set is well-rounded and provides an option for any play you’ll need. A spacious bag makes sure the clubs are never crowded or clanging against each other.

Still, these clubs are on the pricier end. If they’re your first set, it’s better to go for something cheaper. You can always upgrade when you’ve adjusted your handicap.

Finding Golf Clubs for Tall Men

Finding golf clubs for tall men is an easier task than many believe. The three options we’ve given here are an excellent starting point for you to find clubs that fit your purposes. Remember to always size your clubs properly to avoid health issues and consequences to your play.

Interested in finding new ways to improve your play? Contact us at High Golf Handicap to start working on reducing your handicap today.

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