Which Golf Sun Hat to Choose? Here Are the Best in the Market

Being out on the course can be uncomfortable, especially with elements like sun and rain. These distractions can affect your concentration, turning what was supposed to be a hole-in-one into a double bogey. Thankfully, the right apparel can make things easier. One of these are golf sun hats, the perfect gear to protect your head from the harsh heat and cold rain. 

If you’re in the market for this type of headgear, you’ve come to the right place! High Golf Handicap is composed of golf enthusiasts, and we want to share everything you need to know about the sport — including the right golf sun hats to wear. Keep reading to learn more about our recommendations!

Why Do You Need a Sun Hat During Golf?

You may be thinking that an entire article about sun hats seems pointless. We understand. As a high-handicap golfer, your priorities may be on what you can do or use to improve your skills, not what you should wear to look good or feel comfortable. The pain and hard work comes first.

That mindset is perfectly valid, and we admire you for it. However, there are some long-term effects of that discomfort that you may not realize until it’s too late. We’re talking about the effects of the sun on your skin. This issue may seem mild, but you may not be aware of how damaging ultraviolet or UV rays can be on the skin.

The guaranteed effects of UV exposure are loss of skin elasticity and earlier onset of wrinkles. Then there’s the dreaded c-word — skin cancer — which can be a silent killer on the course. Yes, even famous golfers have gotten it.

We don’t mean to scare you, no. We simply want to tell you that small investments like golf sun hats can make the difference between long years playing golf and being in a hospital getting treatment for melanoma. Convinced yet? 

Things to Consider When Choosing a Golf Sun Hat

Before you get your first golf sun hat, you have to consider your needs. Here are some things to check when shopping for this item.

UV Protection

Since we were already talking about the sun’s harmful radiation, let’s start with the non-negotiable quality your hat should have: UV protection. Most hats come with it, but not all are made equal. If you’re going to spend hours under the sun, get something with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30. 

Size and Brim Width

You can buy a bucket hat with a high SPF, but that would be pointless if it can’t shade your nape, face, and other exposed skin. It’s important to find an appropriately sized hat with enough coverage. Get something that can cover your ears, neck, and entire face. It might feel clumsy at first, but as we said, the struggle will be worth it in the end.


There are plenty of styles available for men, women, and both. Some golf sun hats have stiff brims, while others have ones that flow and flap with the wind. The cap can also be a simple dome not dissimilar to a baseball hat, while others are shaped like a cowboy hat.


Cotton and polyester are two of the most common materials used in making golf sun or bucket hats. However, there are others made to reflect heat and UV radiation. Some materials are also more water-resistant than others. It’ll be up to you to choose a material based on the features you prioritize.


Golf hats don’t have to be used exclusively on the course. Some of them can be used when you’re camping or hiking, offering adequate protection against the elements. Others can be worn in more casual settings, like during a vacation or a get-together with golf friends. Thankfully, you’re not limited to either. Get however many you want and use them however you like!

Other Features

Some golf sun hats have vents that allow trapped air to escape and help you cool down — a useful feature on hot days. Most hats also have drawstring closures that allow you to adjust the fit of the cap around your head or secure your headgear during windy days.

The Best Golf Sun Hats for High-Handicap Golfers

Most, if not all, of the features we shared above are present in our selection of the best golf sun hats. Here are the ones that made our list. 

1. Nike Golf UV Sun Bucket Golf Hat

You may think that Nike is basic, but they’re popular for a reason, especially in the golfing community. They have a great selection of golf apparel that’s subdued yet stylish, highly functional, and has plenty of innovations.

One of these is the Nike Golf UV Sun Bucket Golf Hat, a broad-brimmed bucket hat offering all-around protection. In addition, the material keeps moisture away, and, for added comfort, the bucket has laser-perforated holes that let cool air in.

2. EINSKEY Sun Hat

As you practice and earn a lower handicap, you will start hearing about popular golf brands among your peers. One of these is EINSKEY. This brand has a wide selection of products, including the EINSKEY Sun Hat. Its wide brim, unisex style, and stylish colors make it a staple amongst golfing communities. Moreover, it has a built-in sweatband as well as a cooling mesh vent for maximum comfort.

3. Frogg Toggs Waterproof Breathable Bucket Hat

The name might sound silly, but you should take their golf apparel seriously. This brand doesn’t play around with the quality of its offerings, with great yet affordable items in their selection. The Frogg Toggs Waterproof Breathable Bucket Hat is one of these high-quality items, featuring a 100% waterproof fabric for maximum moisture protection. This hat is also crushable, occupying little space as you bring it to tee time, during camping, and other outdoor activities.

4. Henschel Hats Aussie Breezer 5310

While the Henschel Hats Aussie Breezer 5310 doesn’t do much in terms of UV protection, it definitely makes up for it in style. Henschel is an iconic brand in the golfing world, having been around since 1957. The Aussie Breezer 5310 is one of their more popular offerings, featuring a see-through cotton mesh for maximum cooling. The cowboy-style hat comes in various luxurious colors. The only catch? It’s a dry-clean-only item — a small price to pay for style if you ask us.

5. Coolibar UPF 50+ Unisex Matchplay Golf Hat

The Matchplay series from Coolibar is another popular entry, favored by many for its wide, four-inch brim. Combined with SPF 50, this hat offers maximum protection even as the sun bears down on you. The Coolibar UPF 50+ Unisex Matchplay Golf Hat also uses a material called Lite Suntect, which is soft like cotton yet lightweight and quick-drying. Like the EINSKEY Sun Hat, this one has a sweatband and elastic drawstrings for a comfortable fit. 

6. Dorfman Pacific British Tan Bucket Hat

As a highly rated golf apparel, the Dorfman Pacific British Tan Bucket Hat deserves a spot on our list. This hat is often used for golf thanks to the excellent sun protection and wide coverage. The nylon mesh also helps you cool down as you swing or walk across the course. Out of golf, the bucket can also be used in outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, and hiking.

7. Weather Company Waterproof Golf Hat

The Weather Company Waterproof Golf Hat is one of the two completely waterproof golf hats on our list. The material is composed of microfiber and polyester, giving you complete sun and rain protection. While the company only offers a one-size-fits-all option, their hats have a sturdy drawcord that provides a snug and secure fit. The item also has a unisex design so anyone can wear it.

8. Under Armour ArmourVent 2.0 Warrior Bucket Hat

To cap off our list, we’re including an entry from another well-known sporting brand: the Under Armour ArmourVent 2.0 Warrior Bucket Hat. This brand has a traditional bucket hat fit with an extended brim, offering plenty of sun and rain coverage. However, the highlight of this item is the ArmourVent 2.0, which delivers true breathability and maximum comfort.

Final Thoughts

As you become more oriented into the world of gold and lower your handicap, you should also start considering wearing items that keep you comfortable and allow you to concentrate on your game. Among the top priorities is a golf sun hat, an essential piece of headgear to protect yourself from harmful UV rays and cold rain. When in the market for one, use this list to help you narrow down your options.

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