Best Golf Training Aids for High Handicap Golfers

Are you an avid golf player but don’t always have the best aim? Do you want to make sure your practice time yields the highest results?

A high handicap is common for starting golf players, and even those who have played for years could still have a high handicap due to poor technique. Poor techniques result from a lack of training and bad golfing habits, which you could effortlessly correct with the right program and training aid.

If you’re a high-handicap golfer, there are some excellent golf training aids you can use to significantly improve your strokes and ensure a sure shot on every hit.

Our Best Picks for High-quality Golf Training Aids

We’ve scoured the internet to find the best products to help you up your golf game.

SKLZ Tempo and Grip Golf Trainer

First on our list is one of the most popular tempo trainers in the marketplace. The SKLZ Tempo and Grip Golf Trainer is fantastic for fixing off-balance shots. Many high-handicap players love this device for its ability to correct their grip, tempo, and balance while they swing.

The SKLZ Tempo and Grip Golf Trainer has a built-in, interchangeable weight system that helps you achieve the right angle and smooth release. Its adjustable straps are also ideal for golfers of any size, making it an even more convenient training aid.

  • Pros: It teaches you how to grip a golf club properly and helps you correct your tempo and balance when hitting the ball.
  • Cons: A few players report that the material used is not as high-quality as expected. Additionally, it doesn’t come with an instruction manual on aligning it at the right height.
  • Where to buy? SKLZ Tempo and Grip Golf Trainer

SuperSpeed Golf Training System

As the name suggests, this training aid aims to help you gain more speed and distance on your swings. The SuperSpeed Golf Training System is versatile, with three different clubs — each weighted differently to help you improve your swing speed and mechanics. Manufacturers claim you could improve your swing speed by 5% in six weeks or less.

However, it’s crucial to remember that these training aids are made to improve your swing speed and not the impact. In golf, impact refers to the point of contact between the golf ball and golf club, which must remain constant for consistent shots.

  • Pros: It’s great for improving your swing speed by providing you with three different weighted clubs ranging from 300 to 325 grams.
  • Cons: Some reviews about this product show that it’s a bit expensive.
  • Where to buy? SuperSpeed Golf Training System

Tour Sticks Alignment Sticks

In golf, proper alignment is everything, and this simple adjustment to your gameplay could significantly improve your performance and success on the field. The Tour Sticks Alignment Sticks are explicitly designed to help you improve your putting alignment, swing plane, and positioning.

This training aid has two long, 46-inch sticks that can be attached together with a flexible rubber band. Additionally, many known professional golf players use the Tour Sticks Golf Alignment Stick to improve their performance.

  • Pros: This alignment stick comes with an instructional DVD to help you understand the mechanics of golf. It’s a straightforward product that could last a long time with proper care and use. Plus, the lightweight fiberglass material makes the stick sturdy and long-lasting.
  • Cons: Some users report that the material cuts their skin when cleaning the stick using light fabrics.
  • Where to buy? Tour Sticks Alignment Sticks

Orange Whip Training Aid

The Orange Whip Training Aid is a flexible golf training aid designed to help you with your swings. This product has a counterweighted design, so the golfer can feel their tempo and balance while swinging. The design of this product is very simple, yet its usability is exceptional.

To use this product, all you have to do is swing the Orange Whip Training Aid and take note of every wobble it makes. The wobbling signifies that your tempo and balance need adjusting. Keep swinging the tool until it stops wobbling. Once it does, that’s when you know that your swing is at its best.

  • Pros: The simplicity of this product needs no heavily detailed instructions. All you have to do is swing it and adjust your tempo until it stops wobbling every swing.
  • Cons: Although it significantly helped most golf players, some players see this tool as a luxury training tool because of its price.
  • Where to buy? Orange Whip Training Aid

Swingyde Golf Swing Training Aid

This golf swing training aid is designed to help you correct your clubface angle and build a good habit when swinging. The Swingyde Golf Swing Training Aid has an adjustable clip that can fit any golf club. Once attached, the device will help you feel the proper wrist angles while swinging by providing resistance.

With continuous training, you can see a significant improvement in your accuracy and swing consistency. Both of these could help increase the distance of your shots.

  • Pros: This product is very easy to use and attach, plus it’s suitable for all golfers, regardless of experience level.
  • Cons: Some users report that the clip is quite tight and might damage some golf clubs when attached.
  • Where to buy? Swingyde Golf Swing Training Aid

LagShot Training Aid

The LagShot Training Aid is designed to help high-handicap golfers improve their swing speed by simulating a real-life golf situation. This training club has a weighted head and a flexible shaft, enabling the user to feel resistance while swinging.

The LagShot training golf club is an excellent tool for improving your swing speed, distance, and accuracy. Additionally, it also helps you groove your shot patterns, so you can hit consistent shots every time.

  • Pros: This training aid is tested by many professional golfers and is designed to help golfers simulate real-life situations.
  • Cons: Many users often compare this tool to the Orange Whip, but the LagShot training aid is more expensive.
  • Where to buy? LagShot Training Aid

SKLZ Smash Bag Impact Training Aid

The Impact Bag Training Aid is an excellent golf practice tool to help correct your impact angles and make a stronger shot. This training aid helps enhance your accuracy by teaching you how to maintain proper form and keep a consistent swing from the backswing, downswing, and through impact.

One of the well-known impact bags is the SKLZ Smash Bag, which features nylon and PVC weave for a longer-lasting product. Because of the materials in this impact bag, you can hit it with your club without fear of tearing it apart.

  • Pros: Impact bags can help you improve the consistency of your swing and club path. This lets you control your clubface force and direction, ultimately improving your shots.
  • Cons: The problem with impact bags is that they do not simulate a real-life golf situation. It’s still essential to hit the ball, as this helps build muscle memory, and your muscles get a feel for an actual game.
  • Where to buy? SKLZ Smash Bag Impact Training Aid

Total Golf Trainer Arm Aid

The Total Golf Trainer Arm Aid is designed to help golfers improve their swing by targeting their wrist posture. All you have to do is attach this training aid to your wrist as you practice your golf swings, and it will teach you the proper hand and arm angles by providing positive and negative feedback.

This training aid is suitable for golfers who are trying to improve the versatility of their wrist, arm, elbow, and shoulder muscles. Regular training can improve your wrist positioning, minimize injuries, and increase your control.

  • Pros: This is a relatively helpful and practical tool to help you improve your arm and wrist posture.
  • Cons: Unfortunately, some users find this training aid too bulky and cumbersome to use.
  • Where to buy? Total Golf Trainer Arm Aid

300 Yard Impact Indoor Golf Training Aid

The 300 Yard Impact Indoor Golf Training Aid is designed to help high-handicap golfers improve their swing, impact, and chipping. This training aid was made by the world long drive champion — Monte Scheinblum — and it can help golfers increase their power and accuracy.

The Impact Indoor Training Aid aims to correct your posture by eliminating swing faults, such as over-the-top, sway, slide, early extension, reverse pivot, and many more. To use this aid, you need to stand beside a wall and let the pad hit the wall, helping your muscles replicate the feeling of an actual golf swing.

  • Pros: This is a convenient and helpful tool for improving your swing, accuracy, and power. This single tool can help you eliminate multiple swing faults.
  • Cons: This training aid is meant to help you hit straight, but it’s not engineered to help you improve impact.
  • Where to buy? 300 Yard Impact Indoor Golf Training Aid

Full Circle PVC Golf Swing Trainer

Your swing plays an integral role in your game. Learning how to swing on the correct plane or arc is essential to hit accurate shots, and this is precisely what the Full Circle PVC Golf Swing Trainer does. This training aid helps players focus on their swings while maintaining the proper arc.

It features a three-dimensional design that provides visual cues to help correct your swing. All you have to do is glide your clubhead smoothly against the Full Circle PVC Golf Swing Trainer, which will help sharpen your instinct and train your muscles.

  • Pros: This training aid is visual, helping you understand the swing arc to improve your game. Its simplicity makes it an ideal tool for high-handicap golfers.
  • Cons: The most evident drawback of this training aid is its size. It’s quite big and could take up space in your living room. You may still place this training aid outside your house, but make sure to protect it from the elements.
  • Where to buy? Full Circle PVC Golf Swing Trainer

Which One Should You Buy?

After reading this blog post, you might get excited to start adding everything to your cart, thinking it could magically lower your handicap overnight. However, it’s good to be selective about which training aids you prioritize buying.

One of the best ways to determine which training aid you need is by identifying the areas you need to work on. If your swing is off, the Full Circle PVC Golf Swing Trainer and SKLZ Smash Bag Impact Training Aid are excellent options to help you correct your swing arc.

On the other hand, if you want to build up your arm and wrist muscles and gain more control over your shots, then go for the Total Golf Trainer Arm Aid and the 300 Yard Impact Indoor Golf Training Aid.

Choose one trouble area to focus on and gradually work towards improving your golf skills holistically. These tools are only instruments to help you form better habits and enhance your capabilities, so don’t rely too much on them. The real progress lies in your dedication to being a better golfer.

Ready, Set, Golf!

The level of your golf handicap should not discourage you from trying to get better. There are thousands of golf training aids available in the marketplace at different price ranges. If you find some of the tools listed here too expensive for your budget, you can always go for cheaper options.

Remember, your determination to improve and commitment to the game will determine your success. Before you go out and buy any golf training aid, make sure it can help you in the specific area you want to work on, then get ready to hit the course!

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