The Best Putters for High Handicap Golfers

Have you ever implemented all of the putting tips we’ve shared only to see minimal progress during your actual game? If you’re nodding your head in disappointment, we’ve got encouraging news for you: 

It may not be you (of course, we’re assuming you’re putting in the time). The problem may be your putter!

That’s right—your equipment matters during the early stages of your golf game’s development. Think of your putter as the steel-aluminum alloy equivalent of training wheels. 

In short, if you’ve been toiling away tee after tee with minimal results, a high handicap putter may be the missing link to your golfing development. 

But what are the best putters to get? We’ve compiled a list of the best putters for high handicap golfers. So choose from these putters and feel the power of the golf gods in the palm of your hands! 

For High Handicappers of All Heights: The Ping Sigma 2 Fetch Platinum

The Ping Sigma 2 Fetch Platinum is one of the most well-balanced putters for high-handicap golfers. In addition, the Fetch Platinum features milled steel construction guaranteed to add more stability and consistency to your putting game. 

The clubface’s even weight distribution is a literal game-changer. The circular space at the clubface’s center evens out the weight throughout the clubface. It also acts as a ball-picker, enabling you to pick up the ball in style without stooping down. You back will thank you! 

The face insert comes with the same milled steel construction with additional texture. The textured surface minimizes the initial impact of the putt without compromising stiffness. In other words, when you putt using the Fetch Platinum, you’ll feel little to no impact at the handle. 

The Ping 2 Sigma Fetch Platinum is also one of the few adjustable putters on the market. Add this to the putter’s ball-picking circle, and you get a high-handicap-friendly putter that’s good for your game and your back! 

For High Handicap Golfers Who Putt from Afar: The Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Rossie Putter

Odyssey has outdone itself again with a putter that boasts balanced impact and tactile feedback. The Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Rossie Putter features the company’s signature mallet-style putter design, complete with fine steel milling and rubberized grips. 

The Hot Pro 2.0 Rosie Putter boasts a compact mallet clubface with visible alignment aids between the toe and heel. The clubface also curves perfectly from toe to heel. In other words, your putts won’t go by the ways side if you putt too heavily on one side. 

For this reason, you can putt from the peripheries of the green or even beyond it. In addition, the clubface’s mallet-style construction and its ergonomic curvature guarantee minimal pull as you roll your putts from afar. 

The face inserts are some of the most heavy-duty and long-lasting Odyssey has ever produced. It can take thousands of putts to wear out the inserts, making replacement one less thing for you to worry about. 

But it’s not just the face insert that’ll last. Per usual, Odyssey spared no expense outfitting the 2.0 Rossie Putter with its signature heavy-duty grips. And the grips aren’t just long-lasting. The rubberized textures will feel like your palm’s long-lost relatives!

Many newer golfers have called the design a bit old-fashioned. But for what it does and its reputation among the pros, we prefer the term “classic!”

And a classic feel for an affordable price is what you get with the White Hot Pro 2.0 Rossie Putter from Odyssey. 

Our Best Budget-friendly Pick: The MAZEL Tour GS Golf Putter

Priced at less than $60, the MAZEL Tour GS Putter is a steal with its alloy steel construction and 3.5-degree club loft. The GS Putter also boasts a high MOI guaranteed to keep the ball and your putting game in line on the green. 

The GS Putter’s high MOI comes from the clubface’s low center of gravity. The low center of gravity transmits your wrist and hip twist into the ball for maximum control and consistency. Hit the ball on the sweet spot with this putter, and your putt will roll the ball forward with minimal sidespin. 

The grip consists of high-texture rubber, guaranteed to hug your palms for maximum control. Adding to the GS Putter’s control is the consistent face insert that minimizes sidespin and skipping. 

The MAZEL Tour GS Putter has a sleek and streamlined clubface, making it one of the most compact putters on our list. But don’t let the sleekness fool you. The GS Putter has visible alignment lines guaranteed to help you eyeball your putts for maximum accuracy. 

The price is unbelievable for what the MAZEL Tour GS Putter can do for your game. Look no further for a high-handicap putter that can elevate your game without elevating your spending!

Our Pick for Maximum Alignment: The Odyssey Two-ball Triple Track Putter

You need visual cues to line up the perfect shot as a high-handicap golfer. If a perfectly aligned shot is what you want, look no further than the Odyssey Two-ball Triple Track Putter

The Two-ball Triple Track Putter features two panels of alignment lines. The two-ball design makes the alignment lines more visible, slashing the time it takes to eyeball the cup and your shot. 

If the alignment doesn’t cover your accuracy, the face inserts will. Odyssey has outfitted the Two-ball Triple Track Putter with its signature White Hot Microhinge Insert. The insert gives you a soft but consistent feel as your wrist breaks to putt. What brings about this effect is the steel surface that reduces oscillation at the moment of the putt. 

The added control provided by the insert makes the Two-ball Triple Track Putter excellent on any green. 

At 590 grams, the Two-ball Triple Track Putter delivers enough force behind each putt without compromising alignment. In addition, because of the White Hot Microhinge Insert, the sound of each putt is music to the ears! 

So if you’re straightening out those putts, look no further. Give yourself a triple-threat layer of accuracy with the Triple Track Putter from Odyssey! 

For the “Control” Freaks: The Wilson Infinite West Loop

No list of the best putters would be complete without a Wilson product. So for our list of the best putters for high-handicap golfers, we’ve selected the Wilson Infinite West Loop. 

Sleek and modern in appearance, the Wilson Infinite West Loop stuns aesthetically with its dark graphite finish. In addition, the finish is semi-matte, eliminating any glare when you’re playing on a hot sunny day. 

The West Loop’s clubface elevates at an angle at the toe. So look no further if you’re a golfer who putts too heavy on the toe. 

What drew our attention was the counterbalancing that went into the putter. The putter’s counterbalance technology gives you a better sense of control. With the balance point closer to the grip, you won’t be putting the ball — you’ll be gliding it down the green! 

Also, the Wilson Infinite West Loop’s double-milled face insert provides consistent impact, enabling you to control tempo and distance. Adding to the putter’s excellent control are perpendicular alignment sights that help you target the cup. 

If you want control, you can’t go wrong with the Wilson Infinite West Loop! 

For High Handicap Golfers Who Want a Better “Feel” for Their Putts: The Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft Putter

For a milled steel putter that adds crispness to your shots — the Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft Putter.

The Huntington Beach Soft Putter consists of industrial-grade milled steel from the grip to the clubface. Make no mistake. There’s nothing “soft” about the putts you’ll deliver with this putter. However, the consistent milled steel material gives you added tactile feedback, meaning you’ll feel each strike. You’ll also hear each putt as the putter hits the ball at the sweet spot. 

The milled steel face insert comes textured. The texture matches most golf balls, giving you maximum traction with minimal sidespin with each putt. 

Let’s face it. You never just “feel” a good putt — you feel and hear it. And for high and low handicappers alike, the better the sound, the crisper the sound. So add that crisp execution and sound to your putts with the Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft Putter! 

Cleveland Frontline Elevado Putter

Another putter to consider is the Cleveland Frontline Elevado Putter. This fang style putter is unique in that it’s forward weighted. This is in contrast to the vast majority of putters, which tend to be backward weighted.

What effect does this have? It helps to keep the putter straight through the stroke. As a result, it reduces the risk of you accidentally turning the putter while it’s making contact with the ball. 

The face of this putter contains a metal insert. This provides excellent pop, allowing you to strike the ball firmly without having to apply much pressure. Again, this better enables you to control the putter through the stroke, allowing for greater accuracy. 

It’s available in two shaft styles: straight and slanted. So, regardless of what you feel comfortable with, it will accommodate you. 

Possot Golf Putter 

Want a blade putter? Consider this one from Possot. This putter is available for around $80, and thrives on essentially every level.

It’s made out of a combination of stainless steel, polyurethane, and EVA foam. This gives it tremendous durability and feel, all while keeping it lightweight and easy to control. 

Its face is milled, providing a great deal of traction throughout each stroke. While it induces a soft feel upon impact, it also offers a good deal of power. 

Perhaps its best feature is its grip. Oversized and textured, it’s easy to control and soft to the touch. 

Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter

Looking for a mallet putter at a reasonable price? If so, you should consider purchasing the Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter. Available for under $50, it offers tons of bang for its buck.

The face of this putter contains a polymer insert. This keeps the head lightweight while still providing good pop. Meanwhile, the size of the head ensures that it stays balanced throughout each stroke.

The grip of this putter features a vertical seam on its back. This enables the user to better align the putter before each putt. 

This is a great buy for a high handicapper. It’s available at a low price, but offers functionality comparable to that of a more expensive option. 

PGM Blade Putter

If you’re looking for a blade putter, you should consider this one from PGM. Available for around $30, it’s one of the best bargain buys on the market today.

This putter is made out of stainless steel and contains a graphite shaft. Its non-slip, wrap-style grip offers tremendous traction, ensuring that it remains firmly in place throughout each stroke. 

A lightweight putter, it’s extremely easy to control. Despite its light weight, however, it offers tremendous pop, allowing you to stroke putts long distances with little club speed. 

There are certainly better putters on the market. But if you’re trying to keep costs under $50, it doesn’t get much better than this. This putter would be a welcome addition to any novice’s golf bag. 

GoSports Classic Golf Putter

The last putter we’re going to discuss is this classic putter from GoSports. Yes, it’s simple, both in terms of construction and aesthetics. However, it gets the job done—and at an exceedingly low price to boot.

It’s made out of synthetic material. This material is equal parts lightweight and responsive. As such, the putter is easy to control, yet still offers quite a bit of bounce. 

The grip is contoured for maximum comfort and control. While it’s not the greatest grip on the market, it’s not going to hurt your putting stroke either. 

No, this isn’t a top-level putter. However, it’s passable for someone who’s just getting started. And if

Practice (with the Best Putters for High-handicap Golfers) Makes Perfect!

These putters for high-handicap golfers will address every gap you have in your skill development. Whether it’s shot alignment or distance control, there’s a club for you. You’ll be an ace on the green in no time by putting in the work with the right putter for the job. 

So forget about putting using a hockey stick!

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