The Best Golf Travel Bags

When you love traveling to play golf, a reliable, durable, and stylish golf club bag is important. With so many different options in the market, it can be hard to separate cheaply made bags from high-quality ones. Luckily, our team at High Golf Handicap did all the research for you and has come up with this list of the best golf travel bags for 2023. Read on below to find out which brands made the cut. 

What Are Golf Travel Bags? 

A golf club bag — also known as a golf travel bag — is designed to keep your clubs safe as you travel. Golf travel bags need to offer a good level of protection for your golf clubs while providing ease of movement on the go. Otherwise, they won’t serve their purpose. These bags should also be made from high-quality, durable material that won’t get easily damaged, especially during transit. 

Things To Look for in a Golf Travel Bag 

To ensure that you get the best bag possible for the price you pay, be sure to look for the following factors while you’re shopping. 


A great travel golf bag will be strong. It will give you the confidence that it’s capable of protecting your clubs from damage. You don’t want one that breaks after every few trips to the golf course. A quality golf travel bag won’t have you shopping for a new one every year. 


You need a golf travel bag that has wheels. These make it much easier to get to and from one place to another with all your clubs and equipment intact. However, the wheels will also need to be made from quality materials to ensure that they will last. Putting up with a broken wheel will only make your trip feel like work rather than leisure, so look for smooth, in-line wheels to make things much easier for you.  


Be sure to look into how much the product weighs when looking for a golf travel bag. One that’s too heavy can become a hassle to bring when you’re traveling. Getting a lightweight option is more convenient and safer for your back. 


Having enough storage is also essential when you’re looking for the right golf travel bag. More pockets provide space for your clubs but will also make room for your other accessories. The best golf travel bags will always have ample storage, which you may need for extra golf balls


It will also help to consider the price of the golf travel bag you’re after. Be sure to choose one that suits your needs but also fits your budget. Because these vary widely when it comes to price, you may need to think about how often you play. A premium option is great for people who travel a lot for golf, but it may not be the best choice if you only travel once every few years. 

The Best Golf Travel Bags of 2023

Below is our list of this year’s most impressive travel golf bags. From premium choices and budget choices to the best overall choice, you’ll find that there’s an option for various needs below. 

Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian Travel Bag 

The Best Golf Travel Bag Overall 

This year, the Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian Travel Bag claimed the top spot as the best golf travel bag available in the market, providing golfers with a premium option. Known for its high-quality products, this golf travel bag by Sun Mountain is no exception. Equipped with thick padding at the top of the bag, you can be sure that your clubs are well protected, keeping your woods and driver safe while in transit. 

Because these are the longest clubs inside your bag, they are exposed the most to breakage during your travels, but you won’t have to worry about them inside the ClubGlider. With two straps inside, the bag comes with added protection by keeping your golf clubs securely in place. The ClubGlider comes with a leg set that’s integrated into the bag itself, so you can choose between using two or four wheels. 

When you no longer need the extra wheels, you can retract them, offering convenience and maneuverability. This bag also provides plenty of storage space, where you can store plenty of accessories and jackets within the two spacious pockets outside. Inside the bag, you’ll also find that it has enough space for your golf shoes, along with other things you need to take along for the game. 

Offers extreme protectionVery heavy especially when full 
High-quality materials for durability
Excellent wheel system
Plenty of space for storage
Fits cart and stand bags easily

Samsonite Hard-Side Golf Bag

The Best Hard Bag 

If you’re looking for a bag that offers the same benefits as a hard case, the Samsonite Hard-Side Golf Bag provides a high-quality option without weighing you down. It may be bigger compared to other bags in the market, but it can actually fit both your regular golf bag and your clubs, protecting them from the time you take off until you touchdown. The Samsonite Hard-Side Golf Bag also comes with handles at the top and side, which makes it so easy to carry. 

Inside the bag, you’ll find that it’s equipped with padded quilting and foam cushions for your club’s heads, while the outside features a hard exterior that protects the contents from dings and dents. Another nice touch to this bag is the multidirectional spinner wheels, along with its two in-line skate wheels which will allow you to push and pull your bag in any direction as you travel. This bag also comes in five colors, which are midnight black, black, titanium, green, and silver, weighing in at just five pounds when left empty. 

Made from lightweight ABS shells Wheels could be better 
Padded and cushioned inside 
A total of six wheels for maneuverability 
Ample space for all your golf materials 

Himal Soft-sided Golf Travel Bag 

The Budget-friendly Option  

Himal’s Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag is the perfect option if you only travel for golf once a year or less. This budget-friendly, soft-sided travel bag has a premium 600D construction, which is an extremely durable polyester oxford fabric. At such an affordable price range, you won’t regret the amount of protection it can provide for your clubs. 

It also provides an excellent wheel system, which can effortlessly glide through the airport and change directions without any jarring with the wheels. As such, you’ll be able to quickly get through the crowds, making your trip much more convenient. The golf travel bag itself is equipped with carrying handles made from velcro, making it possible to carry around comfortably when necessary. 

Another plus to this bag is that it comes in a universal size of 15 x 13 x 50 inches. Because it comes with plenty of space, you can also use it to store other things you need such as your shoes, keys, wallet, and more. Finally, the external compression straps help to keep everything secure and compact. 

Come with an affordable price Could use more padding 
Made from heavy-duty materials
Can be wheeled around easily 
Comes in a universal size 

OutdoorMaster Padded Golf Travel Bag 

Offers the Best Value

Are you in the market for a golf travel bag that offers the most value? Then look no further than the OutdoorMaster Padded Golf Travel Bag, which offers great padding for the protection of your clubs while you travel. Made with four protective layers that consist of premium 900D Oxford fabric, a waterproof coating layer, a 0.6-inch EPE layer, and a liner layer, the price is certainly worth every cent. 

Because OutdoorMaster didn’t leave out any details, this golf travel bag is both wear-resistant and waterproof, providing extra durability and protection. To ensure that your club heads get the protection they need, these golf bags come with extra foam cushioning, keeping this vulnerable area safe from damage. 

You’ll find that it’s also easy to move around with this bag. Its in-line skate wheels roll along smoothly no matter where you go. There’s also tons of room for you to store various items here, where each side pocket has enough room for shoes. It comes with multiple handles as well as a shoulder strap, so it can be lifted when necessary. 

Offers excellent value for its priceCould use better stitching  
Highly durable 
Provides great maneuverability
Plenty of storage space 
Can be folded for easy storage 

CaddyDaddy Constrictor Padded Golf Travel Bag

The Best Lightweight Option  

As an affordable, yet lightweight bag, the CaddyDaddy Constrictor Padded Golf Travel Bag is a great option. The first thing you may notice is the North Pole golf protector, which guards your fairway and driver woods against any impact that may damage them. Because it’s soft-sided, this golf travel bag isn’t as heavy as the other options in this list, but it still provides plenty of protection for your clubs. 

It also comes with in-line wheels that make it easy to take anywhere with you. Combined with the lighter construction, this is one of the easiest bags to travel with. Surprisingly, even with its affordable price tag, its construction consists of 1800D fabric, which provides three times the thickness of the Himal Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag. Inside and outside the bag, you’ll find cinch straps that keep the bag from moving while you travel. 

Because CaddyDaddy has been in business for more than 20 years, they are able to provide customers with a one-year full replacement warranty on all their bags, which gives them great value. 

Warranty offers great value Club protectors need more durability 
Provides good protection 
Lightweight but durable 
Easy to travel with 

Club Glove Last Bag Large Pro 

The Tour Trusted Option

Looking for an option that the pros have used themselves? The Club Glove Last Bag Large Pro has been used by tour pros such as Dustin Johnson and Rory McIlroy. Offering a sturdy and spacious construction, these bags are more than capable of protecting your clubs during transit and are an option that pros swear by. While these are on the pricier side of the spectrum, you can be sure that your precious clubs won’t get damaged while you make your way to a tournament. 

These also come with in-line wheels that will help you roam around freely, without making too much noise. You’ll find that they come with over-the-top zippers that provide quick access, so you can pack and unpack your clubs quickly. Once they’re inside, you can secure your clubs with the three internal straps to ensure that everything is safe and compact. 

Trusted by tour pros May get too big and bulky
Sturdy and spacious
Excellent wheel system
Quick and easy loading 

BONUS: SKB Deluxe Standard ATA Golf Travel Case

The Best Hard Case

If you’re looking for the best option for hard cases, you can’t go wrong with the SKB Deluxe Standard ATA Golf Travel Case. This heavy-duty bag is built to protect your clubs in all your travels and is extremely durable thanks to its molecular weight and super strong polyethylene construction. It’s also sealed to ensure that dust, dirt, and moisture won’t get in, and offers unparalleled protection for golf clubs.

Both sides of the bag are protected by the hard case, providing you with the peace of mind that you deserve as you travel to your golfing destination. The cover has also been shaped to fit stand bags, carry bags, or cart bags, and this form-fitting design is suitable for many popular golf bags. 

Offers incredible protection Wheel system could improve
Made to be highly durable
Sealed away from dust, dirt, and moisture
Light for a hard shell 


With so many different golf travel bags to choose from, it’s all too easy to spend your hard-earned money on an option that won’t work well for you. Depending on your needs and preferences, you should be able to pinpoint a suitable option for you in the list we provided above. Whether you’re on a budget or are looking to splurge on a premium option, you can be sure that the choices above are some of the best golf travel bags in today’s market.

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