Custom Fitting: Should High Handicap Golfers Get Fitted Clubs?

Custom-fitted clubs are one of the latest topics for those looking for a better golf game. After all, it is estimated that 92% of all golfers are playing with the wrong clubs for their swing. So, is a custom fitting worth it for high-handicap golfers?

There are many techniques for a better golf game, with many people considering practice, consistency, and the right equipment key steps. But why swing that extra mile and get fitted clubs? 

There are several considerations for beginner golfers and high-handicap golfers when it comes to custom fittings. Read on to learn whether custom-fitted clubs are the right choice for you as a high-handicap golfer. 

What Is a Custom Fitting?

A challenge high-handicap golfers can face is choosing a club based on reviews instead of one that supports their technique. Hopes of an improved game can end quicker than you can say ‘shank.’ There is nothing worse than investing in a well-reviewed golf club only to find it hinders your game.  

Picking the wrong golf club can be a common issue, especially for beginner golfers, which is where a custom fitting can come in handy and get you up to par. You can also try various clubs out, which is often a treat for golfers.

Usually, your custom fitting will analyze essential components of your game, including your golf-playing characteristics, height, and grip. For example, fitters will analyze your swing, putting, and other movements. You will then get custom-fitted clubs that suit your needs, focusing on your strengths and supporting you in improving areas of weakness.

Benefits of Custom-Fitted Clubs

Custom-fitted clubs are not limited to professionals. Whether you play golf frequently or only get out occasionally, a custom fitting is worth considering for multiple reasons. High-handicap golfers can reap even more benefits from fitted clubs.

Here are some of the top benefits.

Better Golf Game

Around 87% of all golfers with a custom fit are able to reduce their handicap by 10%. This is because they have the proper gear to improve their technique. Custom-fitted clubs help support their strengths and work on their weaknesses with better-suited clubs. 

Custom-fitted clubs are tailored to suit your play style and physical build, which will help improve your playing technique. For example, your fitting will address everything from the shaft, the lie angle, length, and grip to help better your game. You will have a better feel for a club aligned to your body type, making it easier to better your technique. 

Identify Weaknesses

It can be challenging to identify why you are not improving your handicap without support.  A custom fitting can also help identify your strengths and weaknesses, increasing your awareness when playing. It can also help you get past some mental blocks when playing, as you will have more practical knowledge about your technique. 

You will get a professional analysis that will help you understand your playing style and how to improve it. Whether you walk out of the fitting empty-handed or with a new set of clubs, you will have invaluable insight into your game. 

Avoid Injury

Custom-fitted clubs will also help reduce the risk of injury, which can put you out of practice. Ill-fitting equipment is a common cause of golf injuries such as lower back pain, wrist issues, and golfer’s elbow. 

A custom fitting will help you stay aligned and prevent you from over-exerting yourself when playing, keeping you in optimum physical condition. This is another way to improve your golf game, as you can focus on bettering your technique without the obstacle of inappropriate equipment. 

Cost-Effective Solution

There is no point in investing in a new set of clubs if you’re unsure what your golf equipment needs are. Even the best clubs on the market can play to your weaknesses, so a custom fitting can be useful for high-handicap golfers and beginner golfers. 

A custom fitting may be part of the golf store’s service, or it may come as an additional fee. However, even if you cannot afford a new set of clubs, a custom fitting will help improve your performance and help you understand what type of club is best for you. It will help you make informed choices and work towards having a set of clubs that are aligned with your playing needs.

More Enjoyable 

There are many reasons why people play golf, but feeling physically uncomfortable isn’t usually top of the list. Having custom-fitted clubs offers a more comfortable playing experience, so you can focus on the game instead of physical discomfort or frustrations with your gear. You can have peace of mind that you have the best equipment for your needs and focus on your technique for a better golf game. 

Custom Fitting Considerations 

When it comes to custom fittings, high-handicap golfers should consider several factors. The golf clubs you are recommended may be above your budget, so it is important to enter the custom fitting with a budget in mind to avoid any disappointment. 

It is important to consider that you might need another custom fitting sooner than someone with a lower handicap. After all, your new clubs and practice will continue to help your game, which might mean you need to adjust your gear sooner than you expect. You might even go to a fitter and find out the clubs you have are the best option for you at this point in time. 

You should also find a reputable custom fitting provider which has certified professionals ready to assist you, no matter what your budget, handicap, or needs are. 

Is a Custom Fitting Worth It?

As all golfers know, golf is a game of fine margins, so customization of clubs will help close those margins in your favor. High-handicap golfers will benefit from custom fittings if they are struggling with the gear they have and want to work on their score. 

However, a custom fitting does not solve everything. Your gear is only one part of the equation. It is important to continue to work on your technique to improve your handicap and continue enjoying the game.

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