What Are the Benefits of Playing Golf?

Professional golfers walk nearly 320 miles in one season, and this physical activity is equal to 12 marathons! 

From the outside, golf appears to be a simple sport, it doesn’t require much strength or endurance. Many people, however, are surprised when they pick up their clubs, only to discover that it’s more difficult than it seems. If you continue practicing, you can improve your skills and benefit in many ways. 

Golf isn’t just for business deals or joining the PGA tournament. Keep reading to learn about how you can enjoy the benefits of playing golf.

Reduce Stress & Anxiety 

One of the biggest reasons people are picking up clubs and playing golf is to release anxiety.

Playing golf can improve your mood and bring you back into the moment when you’re feeling stressed. People often play golf when they have to make a big decision because it helps bring anxiety down so they can think clearly. 

Not only does being out in nature and under the sun help reduce anxiety but so will physical activity. Walking around will help keep your stress levels down, especially if you’re at a beautiful resort. 

Even if you aren’t the best golfer, you can improve your skills on the course and feel better. Check out our How To page to develop basic skills and gain confidence on the greenway.  

Playing Golf Can Improve Relationships

As long as you aren’t standing up someone on a date to play golf, your relationships can improve.

Professional and intimate relationships can develop on the course as you both get to know each other better. Golf requires a lot of concentration, but there are many moments when it’s proper to have conversations. With fewer distractions around, you can have serious talks about the future and make more goals. 

Some couples go golfing together so they can bond. You can each help one another and discover your unique abilities. You can also connect with friends while golfing and meet up with people you haven’t seen for a while. 

The best part about going on golf-course dates and meetings is that there’s often a restaurant nearby. 

It Keeps You in Shape 

If you’re looking for reasons to play golf, getting in shape is one of the best benefits. 

To get in optimal shape, you need the right equipment from High Golf Handicap. Investing in the wrong clubs could impact your posture and swing, impacting your total performance. If you move with intention, you can work many different arm and back muscles simultaneously. 

As long as you don’t use the cart to get from hole to hole, your legs should also get toned. Investing in supportive shoes is a must if you want to head to the course. Your thighs, calves, and waist will significantly trim down after a few tournaments. 

Increase Vitamin D Exposure

When you golf, you spend much more time in the sun than most other people.

UV rays from the sun interact with skin proteins, and they create vitamin D naturally. If you need to increase your vitamin D levels, playing golf is an effortless way to do so. Many people notice improvements in their bone health and inflammation. 

Vitamin D may also help prevent or reduce the growth of cancerous cells. 

If you start feeling sick and nauseous on the greenway after a long day, you may have gotten too much exposure. Another sign of getting too much vitamin D is frequent urination. Pay attention to your body while golfing, especially on hot days.

Although vitamins are essential, they can become toxic in certain doses. 

Health for Your Heart

Golfing helps balance lipid and glucose levels in the body, which can prevent cardiovascular diseases. 

The game requires players to walk a lot. All of this walking increases your endurance and helps make your heart stronger. Since this is a low-impact sport, you don’t have to worry about heart attacks or sudden changes in your blood pressure. 

It’s common for people to notice improvements in their cholesterol and blood sugar levels when they play golf. If it’s been a while since you picked up the clubs, however, the benefits will have worn off. 

Older adults can still play golf and help people already suffering from cardiovascular diseases. This is a perfect sport for all ages and your heart can benefit from the activity. 

Improve Your Tan 

There’s nothing worse than a farmer’s tan and unsightly tan lines. 

Going on the golf course can help you soak up the sun and get a glowy look on your body. Women often wear skirts, while men wear shorts, both can get your legs looking nicer.

Whenever you go on the course, make sure you apply sunscreen and bring water. Getting too much exposure to the sun can dehydrate you and burn your skin. Take the necessary precautions to protect yourself while in the sun.

Check out your local golf resorts and clubs to see if they have spa services. After playing in the sun all day and working on your tan, it’s refreshing to pamper yourself. 

It Could Increase Your Life Span 

Studies still need to be completed, but golf shows promising results toward extending your life. 

People from a Scandinavian study that also played golf had higher mortality rates when compared to people who didn’t golf. If you want a long and happy life, going to the golf course could help you make the most of your time on the planet. 

Physical activity is attributed to longer living, but golf also improves lifespan in other ways. Being around nature and in the sun can prevent illness and depression, which can lower your mortality rate. If you’re looking for a fun way to spend time with loved ones, golf can help everyone and keep the party going. 

Your Confidence Will Increase

No one is good at golf the first time they swing their clubs. 

Learning the rules and postures will take time, but you will see the results. Playing golf and practicing difficult skills will increase your confidence when you achieve them.

It may take a while to manifest your dream home, but if you put in the time, you can become a threat on the course. Once you start gaining confidence, you can sign up for tournaments that are even more rewarding. 

Involvement in the Community

Golf courses tend to take part in many community events.

If you’ve been wanting to meet more people in your neighborhood, the golf course is a great place to look. Pay attention to charity events held at the clubhouse and try to get involved in other ways. Some golf courses and organizations sponsor children’s athletic teams to help the community! 

Connect with other golfers at your course to learn more about local events. This is a great strategy for making a new home feel comfortable. Many people don’t have a support system or family living nearby, but you can increase support at the course. 

Boost Brain Development

The brain is constantly forming new connections and trying to develop.

Playing golf can improve brain development and health with hand-eye coordination. Determining how you need to hit the ball based on its placement and environment can work many areas of the brain. If you want to stay sharp, on and off the course, golf can help. 

Golf can increase concentration and attention. This is a perfect activity for students and employees since it can help with productivity in the long run. 

The risk of Injury Is Minimal 

Golf is great for everyone, especially people worried about getting hurt.

There isn’t any contact in this sport and you don’t have to worry about running up and down the field. Walking and swinging will be the most difficult physical activity, and with the right posture, you can stay healthy.

People aren’t as likely to sprain their ankles or break an arm while golfing. Unfortunately, if your stance isn’t correct or you over-swing, you could damage your muscles or nerves. Take each swing carefully and give yourself time to straighten your spine. 

Stay Out of the Rough with These Benefits 

Playing golf isn’t just about having fun. Not only does it improve your physical well-being, but also your mental health. 

Learning the benefits of golf will help you appreciate your time on the fairway and increase your focus. With nothing but trees, ponds, and grass in sight, you can take time to unwind and think clearly. Aside from your mind and body, your heart health can improve, even with a high handicap. 

Check out our golf tips to learn more about the game and improve your scores at the doctor’s office and on the greenway! 

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