The Best Golf Rangefinders

If you’re looking for the best golf rangefinder to add to your golf training aids, we have you covered. At High Golf Handicap, we recognize that some players require extra assistance to fully enjoy one of the most popular sports in the world.

So, we’ve collected and reviewed some of the best rangefinders on the market, understanding that it can be intimidating to choose from the countless options, especially if you’re new. These devices help you control and assess distances when playing, improving your accuracy.

A reliable rangefinder that gives you a distance quickly is useful for both new and experienced golfers. Plus, it’s even better if it’s within your budget. Take a look at some of the best golf rangefinders you can buy right now.


Here’s a quick look at our top picks and what makes them the best golf rangefinders:

  1. Precision Pro Golf NX9 Slope Golf Rangefinder: Best all-around golf rangefinder
  2. Bushnell Tour V5 Shift Rangefinder: Best professional golf rangefinder
  3. Garmin Approach Z82 Golf GPS Laser Rangefinder: Best premium golf rangefinder
  4. Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized Golf Rangefinder: Best for nervous golfers
  5. Voice Caddie SL2 Laser Rangefinder: Best innovative golf rangefinder
  6. Callaway 300 Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder: Best beginner golf rangefinder
  7. TecTecTec ULT-X Golf Rangefinder: Best budget golf rangefinder
  8. Bozily Golf Rangefinder With Slope: Best value golf rangefinder
  9. Shot Scope Pro L1 Rangefinder: Best user-friendly golf rangefinder
  10. Blue Tees Golf Series 2 Pro Laser Rangefinder With Slope Switch: Best stylish yet functional golf rangefinder

Here’s an even closer look at each of these products.

Precision Pro Golf NX9 Slope Golf Rangefinder

Precision Pro is a household name in the industry. Many professionals are likely to mention this brand as their go-to or most trusted pick for the best golf rangefinder. This particular product is an upgrade from its previous model. Take a look at some of the advantages of the NX9:

  • Accurate Distance: Every shot you take will be precise. Forget about guessing how far you should make your shot and basing it on yardage markers. Simply use the NX9 Slope to measure the distance.
  • Slope Adjusted: It’s all in the name. The NX9 uses slope technology to figure out how far your shots will go both uphill and downhill. This way, you can pick the best club for the next one.
  • Pulse Vibrations: One of our favorite NX9 features is its pulse vibration technology that provides haptic feedback. These pulses help you make more confident shots as the laser locks on your target.
  • Magnetic Cart Grip: Never lose sight of your equipment when on the golf course. This item comes with a magnetic cart grip with extra strength, ensuring that your golf rangefinder is where you need it to be.
  • For Golfers by Golfers: Golfers run Precision Pro. So, you know that the people who designed and built this golf rangefinder had your best interests as a golf player in mind when they did so.

So far, we cannot find any flaw in this product and would highly recommend it for any high-handicapped golfer.

Bushnell Tour V5 Shift Rangefinder

Another household name in the industry is Bushnell Golf. It introduced lasers to the market in 1995 and has been at the top ever since. The Tour V5 Shift is an upgraded version of the brand’s previous model, the V4, which was already popular among golf pros around the world. While this golf rangefinder might come at a price, we’re confident that its features will more than make up for it. Some examples are:

  • Compact Design: Your golf rangefinder is an aid and should always be handy. Bushnell kept that in mind when creating this gadget that you can easily pocket and hold in your hand.
  • PinSeeker With Visual Jolt: This model helps you know exactly when your laser hits the pin. Once it locks in, vibrations will pulse so you can make that confident shot.
  • 6x Magnification: Previous models only offered 5x magnification, making the V5’s improved zooming capacity ideal for golfers of any level.
  • Updated Slope Algorithm: Bushnell also upgraded its device’s slope algorithm to include uphill and downhill assessments for better shots.
  • Bushnell App Compatibility: This product comes with the Bushnell golf app that you can use for even more assistance when golfing. Simply connect the rangefinder to the app through your smartphone.

The Bushnell Tour V5 Shift Rangefinder offers several advantages, as you would expect from an industry giant. Apart from its price point, it generally has no cons. At least 99.3% of PGA Tour professionals choose this brand, so you can be confident if you pick this golf rangefinder. Buy it now from Amazon.

Garmin Approach Z82 Golf GPS Laser Rangefinder

You might also have heard about Garmin if you’re a fan of golf accessories, particularly watches and GPS devices. This brand also makes rangefinders. So, if you’re a brand loyalist for good reason (Garmin is a top name!), then you might want to expand your collection with the Garmin Approach Z82 Laser Rangefinder. Here’s why we love it:

  • Hybrid Rangefinder and GPS: Its full-color display gives you an accurate measurement of the pin distance. This two-in-one deal also features a view of the green, giving you the hole layout and the distance to the back, middle, and front of the green.
  • Hazard View Technology: The Garmin Approach Z82 Rangefinder helps you scroll through the hazards in the golf course quickly. Its map is also accurate, thanks to the GPS technology it utilizes.
  • Wind Speed and Direction: A great feature of this rangefinder is how you can connect to the Garmin app on your smartphone, so you can immediately tell how fast and from where the wind is blowing.
  • CourseView Maps: This golf rangefinder includes at least 41,000 full-color preloaded courses to help you practice. These maps come from golf courses around the world, so you know you’re not playing a random field.

This golf product might be another pricey option, considering that it’s a dual-function rangefinder and GPS device. However, its features still make up for it. Buy it now from Amazon.

Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized Golf Rangefinder

Speaking of well-known brands that expanded their collections to include golf rangefinders, Nikon also contributed to the golf industry with its Coolshot Pro Stabilized Golf Rangefinder. Nikon is different from the other golf rangefinder brands on this list because the main feature of its products is how stable they are. Regardless of what might get you shaking on the field (wind, nerves, excitement), this device adjusts for you. Other advantages include:

  • Continuous Range Measurement: The Coolshot continuously measures range for eight seconds when you press and hold the power button. This way, you get accurate distances between pins and hazards. Play faster with quick measurements!
  • Adjustable Brightness Levels: Nikon helps you play comfortably with automatic or manual brightness level adjustment. Regardless of your game’s lighting conditions, the Coolshot’s OLED display will help you focus.
  • Locked On Technology: This rangefinder ensures that you are measuring the distance between you and the flagstick, not whatever is behind it. Coolshot features Locked On Technology that shows a green circle to confirm flag distance.

You may be reluctant to get this golf rangefinder because you might not equate Nikon with golf. However, this device’s enhanced stabilization technology is suited for players with shaky hands. Buy one today from Amazon.

Voice Caddie SL2 Laser Rangefinder

Voice Caddie has another hybrid rangefinder with GPS capabilities. The Ladies Professional Golf Association’s official golf rangefinder is the Voice Caddie SL2 Laser Rangefinder. It features GPS pin assistance to help you hone in on your target while filtering the background elements. It also has an LCD touchscreen that shows you course graphics in full color. Consider these other pros:

  • Overall Easy Design: From easy setup to easy use, the Voice Caddie SL2 Laser Rangefinder and GPS is the best support device for the everyday golfer, if budget is not a question.
  • Green Undulation Technology: This rangefinder shows you the course undulations, making it easy to avoid danger zones and risky areas. Essentially, it gives you confidence in every shot you make.
  • Serves as a Caddie: Its overall high-end features make this device seem like a part-time caddy. The state-of-the-art technology is our favorite part of this advanced rangefinder, and we can see why the LPGA Tour adopted it.

Apart from its high price point, you might find its low battery capacity a bit concerning. Still, it comes with a charger to support its need for frequent charging.

Callaway 300 Pro Slope Laser Golf Rangefinder

The enhanced 2021 golf rangefinder from Callaway is an easy-to-use model, suited for beginners and is just as budget-friendly. Even though it’s affordable, it does not compromise on features. Some of our favorites include:

  • Slope Calculating Features: Skip the math equations with the Callaway 300 Pro Slope Laser Golf Rangefinder’s slope settings. These features measure decline and incline angles, automatically factoring them into your total distance.
  • Audible Birdie Feature: One fun feature this device has is a chirping sound that confirms it acquired the distance to the flagstick. Even if it’s just a novelty, we find that it makes the game a bit more fun.

If you’re new to using golf rangefinders, the Callaway 300 Pro Slope Laser is a great starting point. 

TecTecTec ULT-X Golf Rangefinder

Another budget option that welcomes more advanced players is the TecTecTec ULT-X Golf Rangefinder. The ULT-X edition is an upgraded form of the brand’s previous model, offering neat features such as:

  • Pin Sensor Vibration: This model lets you know when you’re locked onto the pin without worrying that you hit something behind the green. Other TecTecTec models don’t vibrate, making it a welcome development.
  • Scan Mode: The ULT-X Golf Rangefinder also helps you measure obstacle and hazard distances accurately. Get up to 1,000 yards of scanning distance for hazards.

One of our least favorite things about this product is that it has no magnetic clip-on feature, making it quite troublesome to carry around (only because we prefer complete convenience when it comes to our golf rangefinders). Still, it’s an excellent product for its affordable price.

Bozily Golf Rangefinder With Slope

This unbelievably affordable golf rangefinder offers a ton of valuable features for an extremely low price point. We also find that this device is suited for general outdoor activities beyond golfing. Take a look at some of its great features:

  • Dual Scan Mode: You can either continuously scan a field, which is tournament legal, or scan for slopes and angle distances, which is great for practicing daily.
  • Portable Design: With 107x74x42mm dimensions, this golf rangefinder is a great companion for any outdoor enthusiast.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: It measures up to 1,200 yards! Impressive for its price point.

Note that the Bozily Golf Rangefinder is fairly new to the market. Still, what it’s showing so far is promising.

Shot Scope Pro L1 Rangefinder

Perhaps the simplest model on our list, the Shot Scope Pro L1 Rangefinder features a straightforward design that gives you everything you would expect from a fully functional golf rangefinder. Here are some more features to consider:

  • Legible Optics: You can easily read any details regardless of weather conditions.
  • Several Colors: Match your device with your other golfing gear and show off your style!

This product is tough and durable, which will surely give you the most for its mid-range price tag.

Blue Tees Golf Series 2 Pro Laser Rangefinder With Slope Switch

Our final favorite golf rangefinder is the Blue Tees Golf Series 2 Pro Laser Rangefinder With Slope Switch. It’s a mouthful, but with good reason! It’s stylish without compromising on a wide range of features, particularly:

  • 800-yard Range: Pinpoint targets as far as 800 yards
  • Flag Lock and Pulse Vibration Technology: Secure your shot with these standard features.
  • Easy Grip Feature: This stylish gadget is easy to grip and is compatible with magnetic holder mounts.

Its magnetic mount feature is an add-on, so you have to pay extra for it. Plus, its magnification capacity is less than the brand’s new model. Still, it’s a great golf accessory with features that would easily pass as premium.

Choose the Best Golf Rangefinder That Meets Your Goals

With these top 10 golf rangefinders, the best one will depend on what you’re looking for. Be sure to consider if you’re after features or affordability. This way, you can choose one that you can confidently bring with you to your sessions, knowing that you picked the right one.

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