Buying the Best Golf Gloves to Up Your Game

In recent years, participation in golf has increased to more than 41 million people annually just in the United States. If you’re interested in joining the ranks of golfers, having good golfing gear is critical. But how can you ensure you have the best golf gloves available?

The best way for beginner golfers to have the best golf equipment is with thorough research, and we’re here to help. Read on to learn more about what to look for while shopping for the best golf gloves.

The Proper Size

The first thing you should think of while searching for golf gloves is the size. If your golf gloves don’t fit, they’ll be more than useless – they’ll be a detriment to your game.

If you’re new to golfing, it’s easy to fall into the trap of using gloves that don’t fit. Many amateur players don’t think that a misfit glove will have too strong of an impact on their game. As you learn, you’ll come to understand all the negative repercussions of the wrong size of a glove.

A glove that’s too large won’t provide adequate grip. The extra fabric will slide around during your swing. Additionally, the fabric will chafe your hand and wrist as it moves.

If the glove is too small, it can restrict the flow of blood. While uncomfortable and painful, it also can make your grip less effective.

Finally, wet conditions can make a misfit glove worse. Using gloves that are too large in wet conditions can cause your grip to fail. With gloves that are significantly too large, they can fly off during your swing.

One or Two?

Another thing to decide for yourself is whether you intend to wear one or two gloves. Most beginner golfers choose to only wear one.

During your swing, you’ll only benefit from one glove on your primary hand. Your secondary hand is for stabilizing the club and holding it steady. As such, you won’t apply as much force, making a glove redundant.

However, some players with sensitive skin opt to wear a glove on each hand. Beginner golfers also enjoy having two gloves to ensure they don’t get callouses. In people with a tight double-handed grip, two gloves can also give benefits.

If you’re only wearing one glove, make sure you’re wearing it on your dominant hand. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on the benefits of a glove, as your other hand won’t need it as much.

Feel and Comfort

Now that you’ve decided if you’ll wear one or two gloves, you should look into the feel and comfort. Did you know that gloves aren’t all made of the same material?

Many newcomers to the sport assume that golf gloves are all made of the same material. Primarily, this is the case in other sports, leading to the misconception.

Some high-end golf gloves are made of soft leather. Others may use a hybrid of leather and synthetic materials. Gloves made solely of synthetic leather are arguably the most common golf gloves.

You should try gloves of all different make to see which ones are the most comfortable. Trying them on is an important step, as you can’t always tell from a glance or poking them through the package.

Do the gloves breathe well enough to stop your hand from feeling stuffy and sweaty? How strong is the grip they provide? These factors are crucial for finding a glove that can shine on the golf course.

You should also always consider how the glove will perform in the rain. We previously mentioned grip, but how comfortable will the glove be if it gets wet?

Some gloves are made in a way to let water pass out easily. Others may instead become overly soft or soggy in the rain.

You can most often tell how well they’ll handle water by seeing what they’re made of. Treated leather can withstand some water, but you’ll want to dry them quickly. Synthetic leather is often more durable and reacts better to wet conditions.

Quality Make

Speaking of durability, how long do you expect your gloves to last?

Golf equipment is durable, but it won’t last forever. Golfing gear withstands elements from strong sun to wind and rain, as well as the game itself. These uses can quickly erode even the highest-quality golfing gear.

As far as golf gloves go, you should expect them to last about 10-15 rounds, although, you can certainly squeeze much more out of them if you’re OK with the wear of the glove. For clarification, a “round” is a full set of 18 holes and not a single hole.

While it may not sound like much, getting fifteen rounds of golf out of your glove is stellar. These gloves are among the least expensive parts of your kit. Replacing them won’t cost you much but will reward you with plenty.

If you use a glove too long, it will wear down. As it does so, the grip begins to fade. A lack of padding can also cause the glove to fail to protect your hand.

However, none of this applies to gloves that are of poor quality. Low-quality gloves can erode much quicker, swiftly breaking under strain. It’s far from uncommon for poorly made gloves to fall apart before a full round.

Make sure you’re finding high-quality gloves. The right glove will reliably last you through the golfing season.

Buying the Best Golf Gloves

The best golf gloves are gloves that fit well and provide excellent comfort. Consider how your gloves will hold up to the weather on the course, such as rain, wind, and even snow. Buy high-quality gloves that are durable enough to withstand the Beautiful Game to avoid injury or discomfort.

For more information on how to find the best golf equipment, be sure to browse our site. If you’re new to golfing, we suggest browsing our equipment section for great reads on what to add to your arsenal.

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