What Are the Best Ways to Find Lost Golf Balls?

Let’s face it – lost golf balls are a part of the game, and it can be very frustrating losing balls even when it stays in bounds.

How much time are you spending on the course looking for lost golf balls, and how much time is that taking away from the game?

Finding lost golf balls on the course includes watching the ball as it travels, using a marker on the golf ball, and asking your golf partners to be on the lookout. Knowing the best strategies will keep your game moving.

Here’s more on the best ways to find lost golf balls on the course. 

Watch the Ball

The easiest way to not lose your golf ball is to watch where it goes. Keep an eye on the ball as soon as the ball leaves the tee. Even in the bright sun, don’t lose the ball as it travels in the air! 

In some cases, you might experience a feeling of disgust or angst as soon as you hit the ball. You become frustrated with your shot! This is an easy way to lose your ball during the game. 

Get in the habit of watching the ball land. You can take your eye off the ball once you see it land on the fairway (or in the woods). 

Use a Marker

You won’t be the only golfer on the course to lose a golf ball. In fact, you might wander into the woods and discover other golfers just like you using the same golf balls. 

Ensure your golf balls have some identification before starting the game. Also, use different types of golf balls than your fellow players. 

Many cheap golf balls don’t come with a marker. It’s up to you to use permanent ink with your initials, so you can easily find your golf balls. However, some cheap golf balls have special identifications that simplify locating them. 

Personalize your golf balls with your initials or even a saying. Choosing something unique enables you to find your golf balls easily. 

Here’s another golfing tip – consider using golf balls with different colors. Make them stand out so they don’t get lost! 

Ask Your Partners to Be on the Lookout

Each member of your twosome (or foursome) should act as a lookout as soon as the ball launches into the air. Playing partners should watch where each ball goes. Working together increases the speed of the game. 

Remind your fellow golfing partners that one of the primary golfing rules is NOT to touch another player’s golf ball! 

Remember that your fellow playing partners don’t want to look for lost golf balls all day. It’s good etiquette to ditch the search if it takes too long. 

Also, a good golfing tip is to return the favor to your playing partners so everyone can be on the lookout. 

According to the U.S. Golf Association, the average handicap for new male golfers is 15, with females at 31. If you have high-handicap golfers in your crew, it’s likely they are not as good as you. It’s fair to assume that high-handicap golfers might lose their golf balls at a higher. 

Don’t forget your sunglasses in case the ball gets lost in the sun. 

Move Grass

Golfers know that the areas off the fairway are rough. Tall grasses, weeds, trees, leaves, and branches dot the landscape. Even the best groundskeepers can’t keep away the debris after a storm or high winds. 

Move anything in the way that might be hiding your golf balls. The speed of a golf ball can cause it to get lodged beneath each obstacle. 

If you find your golf ball while moving brush or grass, you must replace it as closest to the exact spot. Check the golfing rules to find out if you must take a penalty.

Walk the Line

We aren’t talking about the Johnny Cash tune here, but it’s a good idea to follow the line of where you ‘think’ the golf ball traveled. 

Did you set a target area?

Keep that area in mind as you search. 

Use an App

Go hi-tech. Download an app to track your ball so you never lose it on the course!

How does it work?

The app tracks the ball as soon as it leaves the tee. It will follow the ball in flight and know exactly where it lands.

Technology is essential to any sport, and golf is no exception. A golf app can help you with your swing and coach yourself. Technology also allows you to improve club gapping, so you have an exact distance, regardless of the club. 

Also, golf apps allow you to upload your statistics to social media. Why not show off to your friends when you’re on the course?


One of the best ways to not lose golf balls and become more accurate is to practice. Getting better will keep the ball on the course. You will also develop a more precise swing.

Consider a professional coach or talk with someone at the pro shop about accessories that could improve your game. Practicing will also help you reduce your high handicap! 

Improving your game also increases your playing time. Your golfing partners will thank you! A better golfing ability also reduces frustration

Practice will make your game more enjoyable. Consider it time well spent! 

Best Ways to Find Lost Golf Balls 

The best ways to find lost golf balls on the course include watching the ball as it travels, using a marker on the golf ball, and asking your golf partners to be on the lookout. Moreover, moving the grass (or brush) off the course, using an app, or practicing can also help (or reduce) the need to look for your golf balls.

Allow us to help you reduce your high handicap in your golf game. Our experts will make the game go more smoothly and eliminate the problems you might face on the course. Reducing your high handicap will reduce the number of lost golf balls on the course! 

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