How to Arrange Your Golf Bag: A High Handicap Bag Setup

If you’ve made it your mission to become the best golfer you can possibly be, you’ve probably spent a pretty penny on golf clubs. Playing golf at a high level is going to be difficult, if not impossible, if you don’t have the right set of golf clubs.

But you shouldn’t stop there. You’re also going to need to invest in a great golf bag. A golf club bag will help to protect the investment you made in your golf clubs while also making them easily accessible.

In addition to purchasing a high-quality golf bag, you’ll need to learn how to keep it organized, too. Knowing how to pack a golf bag in the right way could make all the difference in the world when you’re out on the golf course.

Take a look at how to arrange your golf bag below so that you’re always able to grab whatever you might need from it at a moment’s notice.

Buy a Basic 14-Divider Golf Bag

When you first start playing golf, you might be tempted to run right out and spend a small fortune on a golf bag. You may be under the impression that doing this is going to turn you into a great golfer in a shorter period of time.

But in reality, you might be doing yourself a disservice by taking this approach. An advanced golf bag that’s designed for the pros may make it challenging to arrange your bag in the proper way.

With this in mind, you should buy a basic 14-divider golf bag instead. It’ll provide you with everything you’ll need to get the hang of how to pack a golf bag successfully.

Learn Where to Place Golf Clubs in a Golf Bag

Once you’re able to get your hands on a basic 14-divider golf bag, you should start filling it up with your golf clubs first. But you should not simply stick golf clubs into whichever spots that you want. There is going to be a way that you’ll want to strategically position golf clubs in a bag.

There will be two large dividers that you can use for your driver and your putter. You should place the divider for your driver closest to you and stick your driver in it.

From there, the row of dividers that sits on top of where your driver is will be for your wedges. These will be the shortest golf clubs in your golf bag, so you won’t have to worry about not being able to reach over them to get to the golf clubs in the next row of dividers. You should place your gap wedge, sand wedge, and lob wedge in the first row of dividers.

In the next row of dividers, you’ll want to place all your irons. You should put them in this order: 7 iron, 8 iron, 9 iron, and pitching wedge.

The last full row of dividers will then be devoted to your fairway woods. You should place your 3 iron/hybrid, 4 iron/hybrid, 5 iron/hybrid, and 6 iron into each of these dividers.

And finally, your putter well is, as its name would suggest, reserved for your putter. Some golfers will also keep both their putter and their driver in this part of their bag. You’re welcome to take this approach if you’d like to do it while playing golf.

Put Accessories in the Correct Pockets on a Golf Bag

The most important thing that you’ll do as you pack a golf bag is put your golf clubs into the right places. It’ll ensure that you don’t have any trouble finding a club when you need it.

There will, however, also be pockets on a bag that will be designed to hold all your various accessories. Once you’re done putting your golf clubs into your golf bag, you should move on to filling up these pockets.

There will typically be one very large zippered pocket that you can use to hold any rain clothes that you’ll be bringing along for a round of golf. You can also fill it with an extra shirt or a spare pair of pants just in case you’d like to change before or after a round.

There will also be a slightly smaller zippered pocket that you can utilize to carry golf accessories like tees, markers, and even things like laser rangefinders.

Additionally, every bag is going to have a pocket that’s specifically for golf balls. You can use this pocket for golf balls as well as things like laser rangefinders that might not fit in the smaller zippered pocket.

And of course, a golf bag wouldn’t be complete without a pocket that you can use for your valuables. You can throw everything from your watch to your wallet in this pocket to protect them while you’re playing golf.

Clean Out a Golf Bag in Between Rounds

Every time you play a round of golf, there is a good chance that you’re going to end up with random things tucked away in your golf bag. There is also a decent chance that you’ll put one or two golf clubs back into the wrong dividers when you get caught up in the excitement of playing golf.

Because of this, you should make an effort to clean out your bag in between the rounds of golf that you play. You should also think about upgrading your bag over time once you begin to get better at golf and need something a little more advanced.

Keeping Your Golf Bag Organized Will Be Key

Initially, it might not seem like arranging the items in a golf bag properly will make much of a difference when you’re playing golf. But you’ll be surprised to see how much easier playing golf becomes when everything in your bag is as organized as it gets.

Use the tips you’ve learned here to pack a golf bag for the first time. And make sure your bag is arranged in the correct way all the time so that you’re able to take advantage of your organization.

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