The Best Golf Grips for High-Handicap Golfers

We’ll say it — equipment makes all the difference, especially if you’re golfing in the high 19s. Why else do we talk about putters and wedges for high-handicap golfers?

But besides the clubs, footwear, and training aids, there are other essential pieces of equipment to shave off strokes and keep you stoked for the fairway or green. We’re talking about the most intimate piece of equipment on the field that isn’t an article of clothing — golf grips.

Golf grips can mean the difference between swinging for par and swinging at (not for) the fences. With the best golf grips at your disposal, your strokes will come off crisper. And your gloveless hands will thank you for it, too!

With so many options in the market, however, you’ll find yourself bombarded by a plethora of grip choices.

Fear not. We’re here to fill you in on the best golf grips money can buy. These golf grips will help you up your game as you chip, put, and drive your way to a lower handicap.

Hold on to your clubs and get ready for the best golf grips for high-handicap golfers!

For Maximum Comfort on the Green, Rough, or Fairway: The Golf Pride Wrap 2G Golf Grip

We’re teeing off with one of the most comfortable grips on the market, the Golf Pride Wrap 2G Golf Grip. The Wrap 2G Golf Grip is a single-wrap grip that envelopes any club’s handle snuggly. The wrap consists of a synthetic textured material guaranteed to stay on your club and your hands regardless of moisture.

The Golf Pride Wrap Golf Grip weighs two grams, meaning it’s a little hefty by golf grip standards. But make no mistake, the wrap’s robustness gives you a  tactile connection with your club you won’t find in most golf grips.

The golf grip’s textured finish promotes excellent skin contact and traction. Even without gloves, you can hold on to these wraps for hours without developing any semblance of a callus.

The Golf Pride Wrap 2g Golf Grip is one of the most symmetrical grips on the market. Wrap these around your golf club’s handle to experience an even grip and tension throughout your 18-hole game.

Currently, the Golf Pride Wrap 2G Golf Grip costs around $14. For the price point and the comfort delivered, the Wrap 2G Golf Grip should be your next golf grip if you’re in the market for comfy grips!

The Ultimate Butterfinger Solution: The Winn Dri-Tac Golf Grip

Sometimes, textured grips aren’t enough to keep your club in your hands. If you’re struggling with sweaty palms and aren’t too crazy about gloves, we’ve got the golf grip for you. Behold sweaty-palm-friendly Winn Dri-Tac Golf Grip!

The Winn Dri-Tac Golf Grip features a synthetic blended polymer material that hugs your club’s handle and skin. The polymer handle has a textured and matte finish that ensures maximum grip even as your palms sweat.

Hireko Golf, the Dri-Tac Golf Grip’s manufacturer, created the golf grips for maximum cushion too. The Dri-Tac Golf Grip’s multi-layer design ensures you get a comfortable grip on your club’s handle for hours.

The Dri-Tac Golf Grip is available in six stunning colors. Besides dark gray and black, dichromatic shades like blue-black and pink-black are in stock.

The Dri-Tac Golf Grip is a nine-bundle set, meaning you get nine grips for the price of one. The bundle costs around $60, at the time of writing.

So, if you’ve got sweaty palms or just want more traction with your golf action, look no further. The Winn Dri-Tac Golf Grip from Hireko Golf has your back (or hand)!

For High-handicap Golfers Who Want To Get a Grip on Their Game: The Majek Tour Pro Velvet Golf Grip

Gripping a club is, in itself, a skill. And it’s a skill not many high-handicappers have. If you’re looking for a set of grips that don’t need you to death-grip your club, say hello to the Majek Tour Pro Velvet Golf Grip!

The Majek Tour Pro Velvet Golf Grip offers excellent ergonomics for any high-handicap golfer’s hand. This golf grip features a jumbo grip diameter, meaning you don’t need to firmly grip your club to grip it firmly (if that makes sense).

The golf grip also consists of a state-of-the-art rubber blend material. The material makes the grip durable, abrasion-proof, and, most importantly, easy on your grip. You’ll love how this feels on your hand even if you’re dealing with joint issues like injuries and arthritis.

The Majek Tour Pro Velvet Golf Grip’s material is also one of the most comfortable on the market. It’s no wonder it’s got “velvet” in its name!

The Majek Tour Pro Golf Grip is available as a 13-piece bundle, meaning you’re getting 13 grips for the price of one. At the time of writing, the grip costs $45.00, making it one of the most affordable grip bundles available.

Play with confidence and get a firm grip on your high-handicap game with the Majek Tour Pro Velvet Golf Grip!

For Shaving Off Strokes and Shock: The Golf Pride CP2 Grip

Arthritis, injuries, and wrist inflammations — all of these are bound to happen to you on your journey to becoming a low-handicap golfer. So, if you’re arming yourself for the journey ahead, you might as well get some golf grips that’ll aid your injury recovery. This is where the Golf Pride CP2 Grip comes in!

The Golf Pride CP2 Golf Grip boasts tension reduction and maximum shock absorption. The grip tapers towards the end, meaning you’re not tensing up with every stroke.

But just because you’re not using tension doesn’t mean you’re compromising control with this grip. The grip also features a 2.5-inch inner core stabilizer guaranteed to add direction and “oomph” to your chips and putts.

The most impressive feature of the Golf Pride CP2 Grip is its shock-absorbing capabilities. Its reduced taper construction and multi-layer synthetic material reduce impact on your wrists as you hit home with each drive. This is great news, especially for high-handicappers playing with wrist injuries or arthritis.

Right now, the Golf Pride CP2 Grip has a price tag of about $15.00. So, when you opt for this golf grip, your wrist and your wallet will thank you!

Our Anti-Deathgripping Pick: The Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Golf Grip

Some high-handicappers can’t grip. Other golfers hitting above 19 are too “handsy.” For the latter group, some work with grip control is a must. And for that and its low price, we can’t think of a better golf grip than the Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Golf Grip!

The Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 has helped many high-handicap golfers ease up on their grip. A lot of this has to do with the golf grip’s reverse taper construction. A reverse taper is when the grip starts to flare out slightly towards the bottom instead of bottleneck like in most golf grips.

As a result, the lower hand has a less firm grip on the club’s handle, allowing for the wrist to break naturally during the swing. This can create more power behind shots, especially for long drives.

In short, you’ll develop better grip control when you choose the MCC Plus 4. Now, you might be asking:

“If I don’t get a firm grip on the club, won’t it fly off when I drive?”

The answer is “no.” And we’ve got the MCC Plus 4’s textured rubber-polymer blend to thank for that!

The textured finish promotes maximum traction, ensuring that the grip hugs the surface of your palms. Besides that, the grip’s thick construction on opposite ends promotes better control, meaning that the club stays in your hand without you having to hold on for dear life!

So, if you’re too handsy with your grip, choose a set of grips that can help break your death-grip habit. Choose the Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Golf Grip!

It’s All in the Grips!

At the end of the day, the best golf grips for high-handicap golfers vary from one golfer to the next. When you’re choosing a golf grip (or a set of them), always take stock of your issues, playing style, and budget.

But when in doubt, you can’t go wrong with any of the golf grips we’ve reviewed here. Choose your next golf grip and swing, putt, and chip your way to a lower handicap score!

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